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Since drug prices vary not only by pharmacy location, but also by which discount source is used, USA Rx searches several of the nation’s lowest pharmacy discount sources to find prescription discount cards and coupons.

Individuals: How it works

USA Rx offers coupons on brand and generic medications. Always see if you can save money before you go to the pharmacy!

For Healthcare Providers

Encourage patient compliance and save your patients money with free prescription coupons. We also offer a free coupon card and cardholder for your office as a free benefit for your patients.

About Prescription Coverage

Prescription pricing is complicated. Copays, deductibles, medications not being covered, coupons. See if our coupons can beat your current healthcare plan.

Sample Savings with USA Rx

Here are examples of the savings available via USA Rx coupons on popular medications.

Drug Estimated Cash Price USA Rx Coupon Savings
Atorvastatin 30 tablets 20mg $17.70 $8.77 50%
Lisinopril 30 tablets 10mg $21.00 $7.90 62%
Cialis 1 tablet 5mg $24.00 $8.02 67%
Escitalopram (generic Lexapro) 30 tablets 10mg $12.88 $7.35 43%
Losartan 30 tablets 50mg $13.48 $6.52 52%
Amlodipine 30 tablets 5mg $12.79 $7.32 43%
Isotretinoin 30 cap 10mg $378.00 $182.00 52%

Atorvastatin 30 tablets 20mg



50% saved with USA Rx Coupon

Sildenafil 30 tablets 20mg



92% saved with USA Rx Coupon

Sertraline (generic Zoloft) 30 tablets 100mg



47% saved with USA Rx Coupon

Escitalopram (generic Lexapro) 30 tablets 10mg



43% saved with USA Rx Coupon

Losartan 30 tablets 50mg



52% saved with USA Rx Coupon

Amlodipine 30 tablets 5mg



43% saved with USA Rx Coupon

Azithromycin 1 z-pak (6 tablets) 250mg



59% saved with USA Rx Coupon

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