About Us - USA Rx

We improve health by making medication more affordable.

You have a right to your prescription medication!

Your doctor prescribes you a drug, but they don’t know how much the medication will cost you at the pharmacy. We also know your insurance might not cover every medication you fill or might have a co-pay that will be higher than our discounts. Our coupons are the low cost option that you’ve been waiting for!

You hand the USA Rx coupon or discount card to your pharmacist and ask them if you can save money on your prescriptions.

There’s no registration, just a risk-free way to see if you can save money on your prescriptions! If you have more than 1 prescription, you can download our pharmacy discount card that can be used on all FDA approved Medications.

We’ve saved patients many millions of dollars, but it's the individuals who write in who make a difference. This is from Karen, a nurse in Florida:

 “Just to let you know the Prescription Coupon saved me about $80-$90 dollars. Thank you!” 

Always start at USA Rx before going to the pharmacy. See if there's a coupon, then simply ask the pharmacist if you can save money from USA Rx. It's that simple!