About Us - USA Rx

Our mission is to improve health by making healthcare more affordable. At USA Rx, we strive to provide the absolute highest discounts on the market for prescription medications. We provide pharmacy discounts for anyone - individuals with or without health insurance, individuals with high deductibles or high co-pays, and individuals with or without citizenship. 

With over 70,000 participating pharmacies located across the country, we offer savings of up to 75% and an average saving of 54% on prescription medication. USA Rx offers a free and easy service for anyone, regardless of their pre-existing conditions. There are no claim forms, no limitations or maximums, no deductibles, and no paperwork required. Simply bring your free discount card and prescription with you to one of the 70,000 pharmacies and save instantly.

We are committed to providing the most value to our vendors and customers:

  • Transparency. Transparency is one practice that is of vital importance in an industry with so many unknowns and so much uncertainty. Our team is dedicated to not only meeting the demands of customers and partners, but also to go above and beyond to deliver the highest level of transparency regarding all aspects of the business.
  • Cardholders First. One of the most important values at USA Rx that differentiates us from the competition is our dedication to the highest level of customer service possible to our partners and ultimately our customers. Our team is available any day of the week via email or phone.
  • Socially Conscious. In addition to the short term benefit that we provide all of our customers through our supplemental discount medication program, we also have strong ties with organizations and advocacy groups to promote a long term solution to not only health care reform in the United States but also issues such as affordable housing and rehabilitation of citizens back into society.
  • Data Driven. Our management team has a deep background heavily rooted in analytics. Data analysis is one of the founding pillars behind the construction of the USA Rx program and company. Through this in-depth analysis of data, our team delivers the highest possible discount to patients.
  • Board of Advisors and Management Team. USA Rx has a very strong and visible management team and board of advisors. Our team helps ensure that we meet or exceed all our values and create the strongest, ethical company possible.

USA Rx will never share your personal or medical information with a third party. We strongly adhere to the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). 

Meet the Team

Chris Riley

Founder and CEO of USA Rx

Drug prices are high and continue to rise every year. That increased cost burden is continuing to shift more to the consumer. We know that is not right. This unfortunate trend gave us the motivation to create the company. We wanted to fight back. USA Rx wants to help by offering you free discounts on your medications at over 70,000 pharmacies across the U.S. Our mission is to provide you with a one stop shop of health savings for you and your family. 

Our growing team of healthcare experts work everyday to bring you ultimate transparency in discounts available for your medications. We also create important health content and always search for the latest news and research to bring you the most up-to-date insights about medications.

Since opening our doors in 2012, we’ve helped people save more than $55 million in prescription drug expenses.