MyLabBox Review: Are These At-Home Tests Legit?

At-home testing for STDs and other health concerns is growing increasingly popular, but myLAB Box was the very first company to offer those services. In this review, we delve into all the details of this innovative telehealth provider.

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Published by Chris Riley on November 2, 2023

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myLAB Box is a telehealth company that provides at-home testing solutions for an array of health conditions. 

When the company first launched, they focused solely on testing kits for sexually transmitted diseases (STDs).

Since then, they have expanded to include several more categories, such as wellness and nutrition, fertility and family planning, drugs and toxicology, and even COVID-19 and the flu.

This is how it works — all you have to do is order your testing kit, collect the required sample once the kit arrives, and send that sample off to a testing lab.

Then, you sit back and wait for your results to arrive. According to the company’s site, you should receive those results in just a few days. 

Here’s the cherry-on-top: for certain conditions, if you test positive, you’re eligible to receive a free, remote consultation from a licensed doctor.

It almost sounds too good to be true, right? Well, in this article, we’re going to find out. 

We’ll be taking a deep-dive into this company to give you the lowdown on everything you need to know about their services.

Hopefully, this review will give you all the tools you need to decide if myLAB Box is worthy of your time and money.

We won’t keep you waiting any longer. Let’s get into it.

Pros and Cons of MyLabBox

Every service has its upsides and downsides. Ultimately, making a decision as a consumer comes down to weighing those two components against each other.

So, here are a few of the most significant pros of myLabBOX:

  • At-home test kits from myLAB Box are very simple and easy to use.
  • They offer testing options for an enormous variety of health conditions, including COVID-19.
  • They provide free two-day shipping on all orders.
  • myLAB Box is an FDA-registered company, and all of their products are approved by the FDA or by an affiliate.
  • Their pricing is fair and competitive.
  • Their customer service team is friendly, responsive, and competent.

Of course, we also have to mention their cons:

  • Some customers claim that the shipping process took longer than expected.
  • myLAB Box does not provide services anywhere outside the United States.
  • Their website leaves out certain key pieces of information, such as shipping cost and timeline.


When most people first learn about the premise of a business like myLAB Box, their first reaction tends to be one of skepticism. It sounds like a brilliant idea, but are these tests really accurate? Is myLAB Box a credible company?

Well, in our experience, their testing kits are very reliable. myLAB Box is an FDA-registered company, and all of their kits are either FDA-approved or validated by an affiliate of the company. 

In simpler terms, their testing kits are high-quality. 

Moreover, according to their site, tests from myLAB Kit provide the same level of diagnostic accuracy as a test you would receive in a laboratory or doctor’s office.

This is all to say that there is no reason to doubt the credibility of myLAB Box, no matter how bizarre the concept may seem to a newbie. They provide testing for all sorts of health issues using safe, legit testing kits.

Convenience and Ease of Use

One of the most appealing things about a telehealth service like myLAB Box is that it allows you, the customer, to receive health testing without ever leaving your home.

You don’t have to worry about scheduling an appointment, driving to the office, and sitting in a waiting room for hours.

myLAB Box promises all of these perks and more, but here’s the question: do they really live up to the hype? Honestly, we think they do.

First of all, we’ve found that testing kits from this company are super easy to use. They are designed to be non-invasive and low impact.

The actual method of sample-collecting depends on which test you’re using, but they usually involve a vaginal swab, finger prick, nasal swab, or a small urine sample.

So, there’s no need to stress about giving yourself some complex, uncomfortable test. In fact, if you search the term “easy” on the Trustpilot page for myLAB Box, you’ll find that three whole pages of reviews show up that praise their testing kits for ease of use.

Speaking of convenience, myLAB Box makes the testing process a breeze in several other ways.

For example, they include a pre-addressed envelope in every order to send your sample back to the lab, and they don’t even require postage.

Likewise, the company delivers all test results by email, so you never have to make an extra trip to some lab or office. All you really have to do is sit and wait.

In our opinion, all of these convenient, user-friendly features are one of the best reasons to order from myLAB Box. 

Notably, tons of fellow customers agree, judging by reviews like these:

“Super simple, super speedy, super discreet, and cost effective if you have a busy schedule. Highly recommend it!”

— Beckah, Amazon

“Diabetes runs in my family so I definitely wanted to be tested to help assess my risk factor. I don’t like needles but I had my husband poke my finger and it didn’t hurt at all. Very easy instructions and lab results came quickly. I love how I didn’t have to go to the doctor’s office. Customer service is friendly. Best of all, I can make healthier choices for myself! Thanks LAB Box.”

— Jorden, Trustpilot


We touched on the subject of shipping when we mentioned those pre-addressed envelopes. However, there is a lot more to discuss about this aspect of the company.

The cost and speed of shipping has a huge impact on the overall customer experience.

So, let’s start with the basics. According to a customer service rep (who we contacted via the live-chat feature on their website), myLAB Box offers free, two-day shipping for all orders.

If you place an order on Monday through Thursday, you’ll get your kit in 48 hours. If you order one on Friday through Sunday, it will take up to 72 hours. They also offer overnight shipping for an extra fee.

Obviously, this is a huge perk. Waiting for a package for weeks is never enjoyable, but when you’re waiting for an STD testing kit or an at-home COVID test, those long shipping times just aren’t viable. 

In our experience, myLAB Box has always lived up to their promise of speedy shipping. However, the customer reviews in this area are fairly mixed. 

Numerous people have left glowing reviews on Trustpilot about the company’s quick two-day shipping. Yet, several others have complained that shipping took longer than expected (but nothing too extreme — usually anywhere from three to five days). 

So, that is certainly something to consider, especially if you need your packaging as soon as possible.

However, when you look at the big-picture, their shipping model is a pretty good deal. Shipping is totally free, as is the packaging and shipping costs to send your sample to the lab. 

Price and Value

myLAB Box prides itself on being an affordable option for at-home health testing. In fact, when the company first launched, that was one of its major goals—to give people a way to get reliable STD testing without breaking the bank. 

Back then, myLAB Box was the only company of its kind. Now, however, it has countless competitors who provide similar services.

How does myLAB Box stack up against the rest?

Generally speaking, myLAB Box offers fair, competitive prices. However, although their prices are evenly-matched with most of their competitors, they do fall on the more expensive side in some cases.

For example, a chlamydia and gonorrhea test from Everlywell costs only $49, while the same test costs $79 from myLAB Box.

On the other hand, when compared to other popular competitors, myLAB Box is the more affordable option. Take, for example.

They offer that same test, chlamydia and gonorrhea, for a higher price: $99. Plus, they don’t have an at-home testing option—you actually have to leave your house and get tested in person.

So, when it comes to pricing, myLAB Box tends to land right in the middle.

Some of their test-kits fall on the cheaper side of the spectrum, while others tend to be relatively expensive. But, overall, it’s safe to say that their prices are competitive and fair.

Customer Service

Affordable pricing alone doesn’t mean a thing without quality customer service, especially in the case of a telehealth company.

Fortunately, this is an area where myLAB Box shines. We have always found their customer service team to be friendly, helpful, and open to answering any type of question.

Like most companies these days, myLAB Box offers both an email address and a phone hotline to help customers get in touch with service representatives.

In addition, they provide another incredibly helpful feature on their website—a live chat function. 

Using this feature is as easy as clicking the icon, typing your question, and waiting for a response. In our experience, a customer service rep will respond in just a few minutes (or even seconds!).

This is a great way to get quick, reliable answers without having to literally speak to someone.

Of course, our opinion isn’t the only one that matters here. You probably want to hear what other customers have to say. Well, we’ve got you covered. Check out this real customer review:

“I highly recommend using this company for any kind of kit test you may need. I felt no embarrassment or judgement when discussing my kit with Zara, and they were easy to talk to during the process. Customer service here is through the roof. Not only is the kit upon receiving, easy to understand and follow, shipment back to the lab is simple as well. Customer service!!! Can’t stress it enough how great it was!! I will definitely recommend to friends and family.”

— Brianna, Trustpilot

Website Review

We can’t discuss the customer experience without mentioning myLAB Box’s website. Overall, the site is pretty standard.

Their homepage contains tons of information about the company, their at-home test kits, their credentials, and much more. It’s very informative, and it gives you a solid understanding of how this service operates.

Likewise, the product page is very clear-cut. They’ve separated all of their tests into five categories—COVID-19 and flu, STDs, wellness and nutrition, fertility and family planning, and drugs and toxicology.

On each of these pages, you’ll find a straightforward list of every test, along with a description and a price tag. 

We love how easy it is to figure out exactly what products you need and how much you’ll have to pay.

Unfortunately, there is one downfall to this site. There are certain key pieces of information that are very difficult to find on the homepage, FAQ page, or elsewhere. Namely, we struggled to determine exactly how much shipping costs and how long the shipping timeline is. Obviously, these are pretty significant details.

To get some answers, we had to contact the company through the live chat feature on their site. The customer service rep responded almost right away and gave us all the info we needed. 

This issue is an easy fix, so hopefully they will have it sorted out in no time.

Geographic Reach

Finally, let’s discuss one more notable element of this service—their geographic reach. Where does myLAB Box actually operate? 

As far as we can tell, they currently ship to all 50 states. If you live in the U.S., you’re in luck. Unfortunately, for the rest of the world, we’ve got bad news: they currently do not ship to any other countries. 

According to their site, the company is working to expand their coverage. Hopefully, they’ll begin to open up to the rest of the world within the next couple of years.

myLAB Box: The Bottom Line

So, we just have one more question to discuss: is myLAB Box worth a shot? At this point, it should be pretty clear that our answer is yes!

myLAB Box is an excellent option for anyone who needs a simple, fast, and affordable at-home test. 

With such a huge selection of products, you can depend on this company to offer a solution for any health issue you might be facing. Plus, with free shipping and friendly customer service, you really have nothing to lose!

Ultimately, this choice is up to you. Hopefully, this review has provided a comprehensive overview of everything you should know about myLAB Box—the good and the bad. 

Now, it’s your time to decide if this service is worth your money. Good luck!


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