LetsGetChecked Review: Are Their Home Health Tests Legit?

Considering at-home testing? LetsGetChecked is a great resource. Learn how this company works and what you can expect if you order a test.

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Published by Chris Riley on November 20, 2022

Introduction of LetsGetChecked | How it Works | Available Tests | Pricing | The Verdict

In the wake of COVID-19, practically everything is available for curbside pick-up or home delivery, including medical testing.

Instead of scheduling an appointment with your doctor, going to a lab, and making a follow up for test results, you can do it from home.

Home testing kits allow you to test for certain medical conditions and markers in the privacy of your own home, keeping testing discreet and convenient.

LetsGetChecked is an at-home testing service that offers testing kits for:

Before heading to the site to order your testing kit, we’ve done some preliminary digging to help you know about LetsGetChecked’s products and what their customers say about them.

Who They Are

LetsGetChecked was founded in 2014 in Dublin, Ireland by Peter Foley and Ronan Ryan. Foley began this venture after he fully recovered from an illness that was discovered from an early screening.

His goal? Make early screening more discreet and more accessible to more people.

Since the beginning, LetsGetChecked has increased its portfolio of available testing, which can now even screen for some types of cancers.

LetsGetChecked now operates two offices: one in Dublin and the other in New York.

They employ a medical team and partner with accredited labs to supply their users with testing results that are fast, accurate, and easy to read.

How It Works

Don’t think you’ve got the skills to collect your own blood, urine, stool, or other samples at home? LetsGetChecked makes it simple, and their users agree.

“This process was extremely easy and fast! I would definitely use the service again in the future. I was continuously updated via text about shipping, my specimen going to the lab and when my results were in. Great service! I say it all took about a week total from start (when I ordered) to finish (when I got my results). It’s not even that quick when I go to the doctor.” 


Ordering a testing kit from LetsGetChecked is extremely simple. You can create a user account in less than a minute, and select a test to purchase.

Each test has a brief video featuring a medical professional who explains in layman terms what the test is, what it measures, and who should take it.

You’re also informed of what will happen if your sample returns a result that requires additional medical attention. The video features additional health information related to the test.

The videos are brief and easy to watch. Viewing the video made us feel like we were sitting down with our primary care physician to discuss an upcoming lab test.

Once you order a test, you’ll receive it within 3-5 days. Express shipping is available for an additional fee.


When you receive your kit, you should collect your sample and return it as soon as possible. Upon receipt, you’ll be provided with a QR code, which you can scan to activate your kit.

When activating your kit, you’ll be asked to fill out a brief medical history on the LetsGetChecked website.

Note that you cannot fill out your medical history prior to ordering a testing kit, which we personally think is a good thing — there’s no need for your personal information to be stored with them until you begin testing.

Your kit contains everything you need to collect a sample, including collection cups, swabs, alcohol pads, and bags. Depending on your test, you may need to collect blood, urine, stool, or another sample using a cotton swab.

We didn’t order a testing kit for this review, but the website has step-by-step sample collection videos and written instructions that make the collection process appear streamlined and easy to do.

While it isn’t advertised on their website, if you make a mistake during testing, you can get a free replacement kit.

Your collection kit includes safe, biohazard bags to return your samples. You’ll return your kit in the same box it arrived in.

Getting Test Results and Next Steps

Once your sample is received by the lab, it is then processed within 48 hours. Your results are made available on the app and on the website.

If your test results indicate an abnormality, you’ll be contacted by a registered nurse.

Test results online or on the app are easy to read. After all, at-home testing isn’t worth much if you can’t figure out what the test results tell you about your health. One user states:

“Excellent. Comprehensive instructions, speedy turnaround and an easy to understand results system.” 

  • Malcom, 5/5 stars on Trustpilot

Your nurse will help you determine whether you need to be evaluated by a doctor, or if you should consider lifestyle changes that could improve your test results.

What Tests Are Available?

LetsGetChecked offers testing for numerous health markers. Once you purchase a test and fill out your medical history, the LetsGetChecked medical staff may recommend other tests based on the answers to the medical questionnaire.

Here’s a breakdown of the tests you can take.

Sexual Health

There are three separate tests you can take related to sexual health. Each testing kit tests for at least two sexually transmitted diseases or infections.

While some users may find this helpful, others may not. Currently, there’s no option for testing for one specific sexually transmitted disease.

You can take an at home test to determine if you are positive for eight different sexually transmitted diseases and/or infections.

We’ve grouped together which diseases are included by test:

  • Simple 2 Test: Checks for chlamydia and gonorrhea
  • Standard 5 Test: Checks for chlamydia, gonorrhea, trichomoniasis, HIV, and syphilis
  • Complete 8 Test: Checks for chlamydia, gonorrhea, trichomoniasis, HIV, syphilis, gardnerella (bacterial vaginosis), mycoplasma, and ureaplasma

Trichomoniasis, gardnerella, mycoplasma, and ureaplasma are infections for which LetsGetChecked will even send you medication if you test positive.

The medication is free in most states and will be shipped to you free of charge — in our opinion, that’s quite a bargain, not to mention convenient.

LetsGetChecked Sexual Health

Women’s Health

LetsGetChecked offers a range of testing that caters to the specific needs of women.

If you’re attempting to get pregnant, having tests that tell you when you are most fertile can be useful.

LetsGetChecked offers three different tests that can help you determine your overall hormonal health and fertility:

  • Progesterone. This test will indicate whether or not you have ovulated, which can help you determine if you are ovulating normally or not.
  • Female hormone test. Tests levels of different female hormones to determine your overall hormonal health.
  • Ovarian reserve test. Measures the number of eggs a menstruating woman has left.

Also available is an HPV test, which determines if you’ve been exposed to HPV, which can be a precursor for cervical cancer.

LetsGetChecked Women’s Health

Men’s Health Issues

Men can benefit from LetsGetChecked testing, too.

There are four tests available to measure male hormones, as well as a test to screen for markers of prostate cancer.

The hormone tests are helpful for measuring sperm count and also determining whether there is an imbalance in male hormones that could result in compromised performance:

  • Testosterone test. This test measures the amount of testosterone in the blood.
  • Male hormone test. Measures testosterone, sex hormone binding globulin, and free androgen index.
  • Male hormone test plus. This test measures testosterone, sex hormone binding globulin, free androgen index, and oestradiol.
  • Male hormone advanced test. Measures testosterone, sex hormone binding globulin, free androgen index, and oestradiol, and prolactin.
  • PSA. This test measures prostate specific androgen, which can indicate whether you are at risk of prostate cancer.
LetsGetChecked Men’s Health

Wellness Tests

LetsGetChecked offers 15 wellness tests that can measure everything from cholesterol levels to vitamin deficiencies.

If you’re unsure whether you should purchase a test, there’s a brief description of who should be tested, symptoms you might experience that could indicate you should test, and what you’ll learn about your health from the test.


LetsGetChecked partners with businesses and organizations to provide them with accurate, easy, and convenient coronavirus tests. You can also order an individual test for yourself.

While individuals seem pleased with the coronavirus testing process, those users that need testing results in a specific time frame to ensure travel do mention some issues with turnaround.

What’s the Cost?

While LetsGetChecked is an easy and discreet way to test at home, it is not covered by your insurance.

The costs of tests range from $89 to $250, with most tests falling in the $89 to $109 range. Keep in mind that if you require medical attention as a result of a positive test, that won’t be included.

Also, while LetsGetChecked is able to offer some medications for infections, they aren’t available in all states.

At the time of this review, there was a 20% off coupon code available at checkout on the website — you’re welcome.


Standard shipping (3-5 days) is free. Expedited shipping is available for an additional fee. 

Currently, they can’t ship to every country. Shipping is available to the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, and Ireland.

Complete 8 | LetsGetChecked

Complete 8 | LetsGetChecked

Our most comprehensive STD test for peace of mind. Collect your sample from home and get fast results, with follow-up consultation and treatment options available. Discreet packaging, Confidential results in 2 to 5 days, Same labs as physicians & hospitals

  • Tests for:
  • Chlamydia,
  • Gonorrhea,
  • HIV (I, II, P24 antigen),
  • Syphilis,
  • Mycoplasma,
  • Ureaplasma,
  • Trichomoniasis and
  • Gardnerella
Buy STD Test Now
Female Hormone Test | LetsGetChecked

Female Hormone Test | LetsGetChecked

At home female hormone test to provide a broad picture of a woman's hormonal health, with online results in 2 to 5 days.

What does it test for?

  • Follicle Stimulating Hormone (FSH),
  • Luteinizing Hormone (LH),
  • Prolactin and
  • Estradiol

Buy Hormone Test Now
Men's Testosterone Test | LetsGetChecked

Men's Testosterone Test | LetsGetChecked

Our home testosterone test measuring the amount of testosterone present in your blood.

What does it test for?

  • Testosterone

Buy Testosterone Test Now
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Accuracy of the Tests

The accuracy of LetsGetChecked’s tests are ensured by the labs that they use. We verified that all laboratories they use are their own, and operated by them.

However, patient information is kept confidential, ensuring your privacy. Laboratories are accredited and physician approved.

LetsGetChecked’s clients agree, their testing results are accurate. Any negative feedback we were able to find about the accuracy of their testing kits was purely speculation of the user, and not verified.

Marshall, a Trustpilot reviewer that gave LetsGetChecked 5/5 stars states: “ I was time crunched to get results for my school and you guys made it happen. Very grateful for your speed, efficiency, and accuracy.”

If you’re concerned that the finger-prick method of collecting a blood sample will produce an inconclusive result, don’t worry. A recent study shows that as long as enough blood is collected from a finger prick sample, readings have a high level of accuracy. 


Likely one of the most appealing features of any at-home testing kit is the ability to retain your privacy.

LetsGetChecked is incredibly protective of your privacy. In fact, they don’t even share your information (like your name) with the lab that tests your samples.

Who Sees Your Information?

We couldn’t determine from the website who had access to your information, so we gave LetsGetChecked a call.

Here’s who does and does not have access to your personal health information: 

  • Doctors. LetsGetChecked employs in-house doctors to review your medical information and health history. They also have access to your test results so they can make determinations about future care and provide recommendations for other tests.
  • Nurses. LetsGetChecked also employs in-house nurses that have access to your medical information and test results. These nurses are available to speak to you about your testing results. 

These are the only people who have access to your medical history and testing results. It should also be noted that only one doctor and nurse will have access to these results to discuss them with you.

When we spoke with LetsGetChecked, they assured us that even the customer service agents who answer their phones are only able to see your basic information, like your name, telephone number, and email.

Shipping Privacy

The testing kits you order come in a plain white, unmarked envelope with your address and no corporation or business name on the label. The return envelope is styled similarly.

Who Can Use LetsGetChecked?

Anyone can use LetsGetChecked if they are over the age of 18 and living in a country that is currently serviced by LetsGetChecked.

You must be able to collect a sample and return it in a timely fashion.

If you have limitations that wouldn’t allow you to collect a blood, stool, urine, or other sample, LetsGetChecked may not be the best fit.

If you attempt to have another person help you collect a sample, you could expose one another to illness via bodily fluid.

Customer Service

Overall, users seem satisfied with LetsGetChecked’s customer service. When we contacted them via telephone, we selected a prompt from the short menu and our call was answered by a representative almost immediately.

The representative we spoke with was informative, helpful, and friendly.

LetsGetChecked also has an option for sending a direct message on their website. We used this feature to ask a question about the at-home testing process.

We asked whether or not we could get a refund or a new test if we accidentally rendered the test unusable at home.

Our email was answered within two hours, however the representative did not respond directly to our question and instead directed us to contact customer service if we were having trouble collecting the sample.

The email also said a member of nursing staff would contact us if we could not access our test results.

Overall, the email reply seemed canned. We replied asking for clarification and received a more personalized response about three hours later.

As a side note, they do offer a free replacement if you get a little clumsy collecting your sample.

Bottom Line

LetsGetChecked is one of many at-home testing companies that offers you the ability to order your own lab tests, test yourself in the privacy of your own home, and get fast results, all without visiting your doctor.

If you have the ability to test yourself and don’t mind paying out of pocket, this can be a great resource, especially if you’d like to keep your testing extremely private.

Fast, easy, and private, LetsGetChecked can help you learn more about your health and make better, more informed decisions about your healthcare.


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