BlueChew vs. Roman: Which is Better?

BlueChew and Roman both men's health brands that offer erectile dysfunction treatments and ED pills. BlueChew products are typically less expensive, but fewer options are available, while Roman has a more diverse product offering but may be more expensive.  In addition to this review, People Also Ask for: Hims ED Review  |   Bluechew vs. Hims  |   Hims vs. Roman


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By: Chris Riley

Medically reviewed by: Gerardo Sison

Last Updated: June 28th, 2021


Erectile dysfunction is a common medical condition that will affect approximately one out of every two men at some point during their lives.  Men who suffer from erectile dysfunction have difficulty getting or keeping an erection that is hard enough for sexual activity. 

While there are many different causes of erectile dysfunction, the condition is known to be heavily influenced by lifestyle factors such as taking certain prescription medications, drinking too much alcohol, using illegal drugs, not getting enough exercise, or being overweight. 

Men suffering from erectile dysfunction are often embarrassed by their condition, despite how common it is, and they may hesitate to make a doctor's visit to talk about their symptoms with their medical provider. Online telehealth services like BlueChew and Roman make it easy for men to get convenient, private access to erectile dysfunction treatment, including discreet packaging.

 When it comes to BlueChew vs. Roman, which is better? Here is everything you need to know.

BlueChew vs. Roman Erectile Dysfunction Products

BlueChew and Roman are telehealth services offering erectile dysfunction medications for adult men. Although both companies have some overlap in terms of the products offered, such as both offering hair loss medication, there are important differences between the erectile dysfunction treatments available on Roman and


Roman offers patients the option to purchase Viagra, sildenafil (generic Viagra), and Cialis through their website. While the brand name version of Cialis is available, the generic version, tadalafil, is not offered by Roman. Roman offers five different dosage options for sildenafil and Viagra, while BlueChew offers two dosage options for each of its products. Roman prescribes and sells commercially available doses of sildenafil, Viagra, and Cialis.

Viagra was the first prescription drug approved by the FDA for the treatment of erectile dysfunction, and it is one of the most well known ED meds in the world. Its generic form, sildenafil, was introduced to the market in 2017 and has helped to substantially lower the pricing of the drug. 

Viagra and sildenafil work relatively quickly to help men get and keep an erection, taking an average of 30 to 60 minutes to work depending on a variety of factors. Patients who want to have the opportunity for a slightly more spontaneous sex life can choose to take Viagra or sildenafil up to four hours before sex is anticipated. Viagra and sildenafil are intended for use on an as-needed basis and should not be taken more once than once every 24 hours in order to minimize the risk of potentially dangerous side effects, including heart problems. 

While sildenafil is substantially less expensive than Viagra, the drug is equally effective and safe, as it contains the same active ingredients as Viagra. The main difference between Viagra and sildenafil is the inactive ingredients used in the drugs, which affect qualities like the color of the medication. 

Cialis is used differently than sildenafil and Viagra for ED treatment. Unlike Viagra and sildenafil, which are taken on an as-needed basis, Cialis can be taken either on an as-needed basis or in a lower daily dose that allows for more spontaneous sex. Cialis stays in the body for a much longer time than Viagra and sildenafil, which makes it more appropriate for daily use, but it can also be potentially dangerous for men who take medications that could interact with the drug and cause side effects.  

This is one of many reasons why consulting with a licensed healthcare provider in your state, including those available through telehealth services like Roman, is so important.

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Although BlueChew is a subscription service for erectile dysfunction, similar to Roman, there are distinct differences between the products offered by each company. BlueChew is targeted to reach men who have issues with erectile dysfunction but who are unable to tolerate commercially available doses of popular erectile dysfunction medications due to any number of factors. 

BlueChew offers products derived from sildenafil and tadalafil (generic Cialis) that use the same active ingredient in each drug, but take to compounding the formula into a chewable tablet at a dose that is better tolerated than the patient. 

Patients who struggle with taking commercially available sildenafil or tadafil due to the limited number of available strengths of these ED medications may find that they can tolerate the chewable compound from BlueChew more easily, and are more likely to get and keep an erection hard enough for sex. 

Sildenafil is commercially available in tablets at intervals of 20 mg, but the compounded chewable sildenafil treatments offered by BlueChew come in strengths of 30 mg or 45 mg. Commercially available tadalafil is available in doses of 5 mg, 10 mg, and higher, while tadalafil chewable treatments from BlueChew are available in strengths of 6 mg to 9 mg.

While Roman sells commercially available sildenafil, Viagra, and Cialis that is approved by the FDA, it should be noted that BlueChew’s chewable compounded treatments are not independently approved by the FDA in chewable form. 

However, the treatments available from BlueChew use the same active ingredients used in FDA-approved medications like Viagra, sildenafil, Cialis, and tadalafil. 

BlueChew vs. Roman Cost

BlueChew and Roman both sell their erectile dysfunction treatments at a cost that is based on the number of doses purchased. The differences between the two companies in terms of cost are outlined below.


BlueChew allows patients to choose their preferred monthly quantity of its sildenafil and tadalafil chewable compounded treatments. This allows patients to have more control over the costs of the service, since they only order as much as they need. 

BlueChew offers sildenafil in quantities of 6, 10, 17, and 34 chewable tablets. 

  • Six tablets containing 30 mg of sildenafil costs 20 dollars per month, while purchasing six tablets at a strength of 45 mg costs 30 dollars per month. 
  • Ten tablets of sildenafil at a strength of 30 mg costs 30 dollars per month, while ten tablets at a 45 mg dose costs 40 dollars per month. 
  • An order of 17 tablets at the 30 mg strength costs 50 dollars per month, while  17 tablets at a 45 mg strength costs 65 dollars per month. 
  • Finally, 34 tablets at the 30 mg strength costs 90 dollars per month, while the 45 mg strength costs 120 dollars per month.

Because tadalafil is most frequently taken on a daily basis at a lower dose rather than on an as-needed basis at a higher dose, the medication comes in different strengths and quantities. 

Patients can order chewable compounded tadalafil from BlueChew in quantities of 4, 7, 14, and 28 tablets, which are delivered monthly. 

  • Four tablets containing 6 mg of tadalafil costs 20 dollars per month, while four tablets containing 9 mg of tadalafil costs 30 dollars per month. 
  • Seven tablets at a dose of 6 mg costs 30 dollars per month, while 7 tablets at a 9 mg dose at the same quantity costs 40 dollars per month.
  • An order of 14 tablets at the 6 mg strength costs 50 dollars per month, while 14 tablets at a 9 mg strength costs 65 dollars per month. 
  • Finally, 28 tablets at the 6 mg strength costs 90 dollars per month, while the 9 mg strength costs 120 dollars per month.

BlueChew also offers a free online consultation including the completion of an easy to fill questionnaire to get you started, and shipping is included in the cost of the monthly subscription. BlueChew occasionally offers specials and coupon codes in which patients are allowed to try the company’s special chewable compounded treatments for one month for free, which is something that is not offered by other telehealth companies like Roman.


Erectile dysfunction prescription drugs are available from Roman in either monthly or quarterly auto-shipments, depending on the preference of the patient. Patients are able to schedule a free online visit and free follow ups to discuss their symptoms and treatment options with a licensed healthcare provider in their state. Free two-day shipping is also provided by the company, and there are no contracts, sign up fees, or cancellation fees.

Roman offers generic sildenafil for as low as two dollars per dose for their 20 mg tablets, with prices increasing depending on the dosage of the drug. Viagra starts at 70 dollars per dose, while Cialis starts at 69 dollars per dose. 

The cost of the medication depends on the number of tablets ordered and the strength ordered by the patient. Costs increase as quantity decreases and as strength increases. 


BlueChew and Roman are both online telehealth companies that offer erectile dysfunction treatments for men, but they have different target audiences. 

Roman provides erectile dysfunction treatments as part of a variety of telehealth services, while BlueChew only offers prescriptions for erectile dysfunction treatment and specifically targets men who cannot tolerate commercially available formulations of erectile dysfunction medications. 

Neither Roman or BlueChew is available in all 50 states due to differing laws surrounding telemedicine, so make sure you check to ensure that licensed healthcare professionals are available in your state before choosing a service. Currently, BlueChew is not available in Alabama, Idaho, North Dakota, or South Carolina. 

Both companies can help patients save money on their prescription erectile dysfunction treatments which can help you get a sense of enhancement and wellness within your sex life without the drip to a doctor's office for medical advice.


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