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Just to let you know, my discount card saved me about $80 – $90 dollars on my prescription. Thank you, USA Rx!

I used my prescription drug discount card from USA Rx for the first time yesterday at CVS, and I’m so glad I did – it took almost $40 off of my prescription meds! This was especially helpful to me, since my medications are very expensive – but with the coupon discount, it wound up being less expensive than my insurance co-pay.

Picked up my meds this past weekend and crunched the numbers: although I paid $33, I saved over $90 total using the discounts – thanks USA Rx!

I was skeptical at first, but the USA Rx prescription discount card really works! My pharmacist at Walgreens told me my total was over $100, but once I presented my card, it cut my costs nearly in half!

"Its a winner for people who do not have drug insurance."

Love USA RX so glad my friend told me about it. It has saved me hundreds of dollars on my medications. We do not have drug insurance other then Plan D which covers hardly anything. Had a issue because Walmart was going to charge me more then my USA RX said.

"Saved me $174.00 on one perscription"

My husband has no perscription coverage uses VA. At times needs antibiotic now. Used USA RX at Walgreens on Levaquin 750 mg x 7 pills cost $36.94, savings $174.00, that's amazing. Thank You USA RX

"This is the real deal!!!"

I used the app at Walgreens and cut my price in half. My prescription was for an antibiotic and two different pain meds. The price went from $50 to $21. I think it really depends on the medication and where the discount is used. My experience and savings have been exceptional.


Rebecca L, 24, from Brooklyn NY, has student health insurance that doesn't cover everything:

Rebecca got sick and needed antibiotics, and the last thing she wanted was an expensive bill. So after a trip to the doctor, she went on the USA Rx site and signed up for a free pre-activated card. In a few minutes she was on the way to Walmart with her prescription USA Rx card. She was in and out quickly, went home, and started nursing myself back to health. When asked about her experience she had this to say, "Guys, the USA Rx card is easy to use, free and with discounts of up to 75%, it’s a pretty sweet deal."

Jenny(50) and Mike G(55) from New York, NY, married, with some prescriptions covered:

Jenny and her husband Mike have insurance through Jenny's corporate plan, but with so many changes in their drug plan it is never clear what their co-pay will be, since the medication is not covered as part of the plan.  She recently went to her dermatologist, filled the prescription and got a shock when the pharmacist said she owed $207. After walking out without the medication, she found out about the USA Rx card through friends who were in the same situation.  Jenny and Mike now use the card all the time and have found that their medications are less expensive with the USA-RX card than their co-pay.  When asked about it she had this to say, " The website is very helpful so there are no surprises. I log on, look up my medication, and know the cost ahead of time. This is how all drug plans should work.  Simple, easy and efficient!"

Dan R, 33 from East Village, NYC recently lost his health insurance:

Dan's Cobra ran out a few months ago and is now freelancing but without insurance. He found out about the USA Rx card at Walgreens from the guy in front of him, and just before paying full price he asked for the info, and got the website. He immediately turned around went home, went to USA Rx website, printed out the card and within 1 minute was done and heading back out to the pharmacy. He paid $13.96 for painkillers instead of $53.03 and now uses the card all the time.

Since USA Rx is focused on providing you with savings options on prescription medication, we want to hear your success stories!  Like one user said, “every few dollars counts.”  When one of our hardworking neighbors gets a few more dollars in the bank, that’s the beginning of a community success story.  If that is an ongoing prescription, then those dollars add up week after week of saving at the pharmacy. 

We’ve brought you a prescription drug discount card that is FREE, no strings attached.  Our cardholders are letting us know about their experiences saving up to 75% on prescription medication.  Here are some of the most recommended benefits of the USA Rx Discount Pharmacy Card:

  • Anyone can use the USA Rx discount card
  • No paperwork or waiting around
  • Privacy—print the card from USARx.com
  • Accepted at neighborhood pharmacies
  • It is a FREE savings card
  • Easy to use
  • Makes prescription medications more affordable
  • Discounts for the whole family
  • No limits based on pre-existing conditions
  • Use it as much as you want

These are some of the great benefits told by USA Rx cardholders.  We are glad to see that so many people are finding our discount network as reliable, simple to use, and valuable.  We know that a pharmacy discount card in your wallet doesn’t suddenly make all your dreams come true, but we also know that being able to buy important medications at a more affordable price can make other parts of life a lot brighter. 

If you want to share your USA Rx Discount Pharmacy Card success story, please submit it on the form here or through our social network pages.  Feel free to share your neighborhood pharmacy, your experience, and how the savings with the USA Rx Discount Pharmacy Cardis helping you.

Want to know more?  Try our FAQ’s page with answers to questions on how to get your drug savings card and how to use it with or without other prescription drug coverage.  USA Rx customer service is also available through our Contact Us information here.  Our team is ready to help you start saving up to 75% at the pharmacy.