Skincell Pro Reviews: Ingredients, Side Effects, & Does It Work?

Skincell Pro claims to reduce skin blemishes with ease. Read on to learn if it’s really that effective, or if it’s just another marketing scheme.


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By: Chris Riley

Medically reviewed by: Camille Freking

Last Updated: March 3rd, 2022


Your skin is the largest organ in, or around, your body. It’s also one of the most important barriers between the outside world and your essential internal organs, like your heart, lungs, and intestines.

Science lessons aside, our skin can be the source of a lot of discomfort and frustration. Premature signs of aging like skin tags and moles can decrease our confidence and make our skin look less healthy than it should.

Skincell Pro is a serum that claims to be able to remove skin tags and moles without the need for surgery. But do the results really match up with the marketing? Here’s everything you need to know about Skincell Pro before you buy.

What Is Skincell Pro?

Skincell Pro is a mole and skin tag corrector serum that seeks to remove or improve the appearance of skin tags, moles, and other skin blemishes. Its purpose is to provide a non-invasive, more inexpensive alternative to dermatological surgeries.

When you apply the product to a problem area, the company claims that its ingredients will dig under the surface, triggering an immune response that sends white blood cells to the area to slowly remove the blemish.

After this, the area will become mildly inflamed and scab over slightly as the removal point heals. The scab should then dissipate within about eight hours, after which the results should be visibly noticeable.

While the product is made in an FDA-approved facility, the product itself does not have FDA approval. However, it is GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) approved and is made from entirely raw materials.

The proprietary blend is made with sanguinaria canadensis, which is a herbaceous flower said to help bring a flood of white blood cells to the area of application. The other active ingredient is zincum muriaticum, a mineral found in the Earth’s crust that the company claims helps with the scabbing process.

Skincell Pro: An Overview

Skincell Pro sounds like it would be a useful product for a number of people. After all, most people have between 10 and 40 common moles throughout their bodies. Here are some of the  ways that this product might benefit you.


  • The idea of painless removal is a nice alternative for people who don’t want to, or can’t afford, to go under the knife for traditional removal.
  • You get a free trial of the serum, so there’s nothing to lose if you want to give it a try.
  • It seems like an overall safe alternative to mole or skin tag removal.
  • The price is comparable to similar products that are also on the market.

However, not everything about this product is as perfect as the company might make it seem. Here are some of the drawbacks.


  • Many customers have reported that this company is a scam. This is furthered by the fact  that there is no reputable website for the product – it can only be purchased from third party sellers like Amazon or Walmart.
  • The product seems to be mostly ineffective at reducing the appearance of skin tags and moles. It did not work as intended for us, and it doesn’t seem to work well for many users who give it a go.
  • There is no customer support number or email. At least, not one that we could find.

That’s a lot to unpack, so let’s take everything step by step so you can get a better idea as far as whether or not this product is the right decision for you.

Quality and Effectiveness

Skincell pro is admittedly easy to use. All you do is apply a small amount of the serum onto the affected mole or skin tag with the attached dropper. Then, you’re just supposed to wait for the results to kick in. You can re-apply the solution if it didn’t get rid of the blemish on the first go-around.

The problem is that we saw virtually no difference when we used this product. We tried using it on a small mole on our staff member’s right arm. After two weeks of continued usage, the size of the mole did not change, the appearance of the mole did not dull, and the skin felt exactly the same as it did without the product.

This is a sentiment that seems to be echoed by a number of users. Many people are noting that there is no difference when using the product on moles or skin tags, and some individuals are going as far as calling it a scam or a con.

While we can’t necessarily say that it’s a scam, we can say that it did not work for us as intended. However, some individuals may find that it’s able to diminish the appearance of certain skin spots without the need to get surgery.

We should also mention that its list of ingredients seems high quality and all-natural.

While we think that this product would be overall safe to use, we still can’t vouch for its efficacy or abrasiveness on sensitive skin types.


While the marketed cost of these products falls in line with others on the market, it’s important to be wary of dishonest marketing. When buying this product from certain third-party sites, there is a major upcharge for shipping and handling after adding the items to the cart. This can make a single bottle of the product vary from around $17 all the way up to $69. We recommend purchasing from Amazon, as this was the cheapest and most reliable option.

Some sites claim to offer a free trial of the product, but be warned that many of them do require you to either purchase a bottle beforehand or enlist in a subscription program, which sort of defeats the purpose. However, if you can find a reputable source that is willing to give you a trial size, it’s worth it before paying full price.

Since there is no reputable Skincell website, it can make it difficult to assess whether or not you’ll actually get what you’re paying for. Again, we don’t recommend purchasing this product from a third-party retailer unless you can trust the source, as many people have reported not receiving their product or being severely overcharged.

Customer Service

Another red flag when it comes to Skincell Pro is that since there is no clear company website, there is also no easy way to find a customer service contact number.

We searched long and hard for an email or telephone number that we could reach out to, and we were left with pretty much nothing. We did find a number through a Google search, but when we gave it a ring, it wouldn’t actually go through.

This is troublesome, especially if you’re not happy with the product, have questions about its use, or are experiencing shipping and handling issues. While some of this can be avoided if you purchase from a reputable wholesaler, it is still not the greatest sign that the company does not put customer satisfaction as a top priority.

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Who Should Use Skincell Pro?

Skincell Pro is a solution for individuals with minor skin blemishes that they know are non-cancerous and do not require surgery or prescription medication. Because it’s easily accessible, it may be worth a try for skin tags, moles, or other types of age spots.

However, given the lack of consistency that the product seems to demonstrate, it might be wise to try an alternate form of skin serum that comes from a more reputable source.

Additionally, any products like Skincell should not be used if you have not gotten moles checked by a dermatologist. Some spots might be a sign of skin cancer (melanoma), or they may be cysts and lesions that are not safely removed through skin serums. 

Consult your dermatologist or family doctor before using a product like Skincell to ensure that it will be safe.

Alternatives to Skincell Pro

If you’re wary of trying out Skincell Pro, you might be able to alleviate your age spot or skin tag without the need for a special serum. Keep in mind that none of these home remedies have been scientifically proven, though anecdotal evidence has shown that they may be helpful.

You might be able to try using tea tree oil, an essential oil that has historically been used to treat a number of skin conditions – including skin tags. It also has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects, so it might be able to provide relief to dull or dry skin overall.

Others might find that apple cider vinegar is a little bit more useful. Keep in mind that this is an acidic option that can irritate the skin when used frequently. However, you can try using it for brief periods in small amounts to see if it’s able to clear up the tissue that causes some of those unsightly skin blemishes.

Skincell Pro: In Review

Skincell Pro is an easy-to-use formula that works as an alternative method to getting moles or skin tags physically cut off by a doctor. While it sounds like a great option and may be useful for some, the general consensus is that it is ineffective.

This may be one of those situations where it sounds too good to be true, and it very well may be too good to be true. Alternative solutions might be a better use of money and time.

Overall, Skincell Pro has too many negative reviews and red flags for us to consider it safe or effective. Considering that there is no customer service number and that the company does not have a clear, reputable website, it’s tough to know exactly what you’re buying when you add a bottle to your cart.

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