Rory Review: Online Pharmacy and Supplements

Rory is a women’s telemedicine service that offers transparent pricing, quick and convenient online consultations, and highly qualified providers. 


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By: Bridget Reed

Medically reviewed by: Dr. Gerardo Sison

Last Updated: June 8th, 2022

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While online telemedicine services have been growing in popularity for years, many people who had previously not tried telemedicine services prior to the COVID-19 pandemic were forced to adapt to virtual visits out of necessity instead of the traditional doctor's visit. 

As a result, many people have experienced a new level of comfort with telemedicine services and are becoming accustomed to the convenience, affordability, and exceptional standard of service that telemedicine providers can offer. 

Rory is a women’s telemedicine provider that provides convenient, affordable services for a variety of common women’s health issues, but it may not be right for everyone, and not all health issues are covered. 

If you’re considering using a telemedicine provider, we’ve put together a Rory review that tells you everything you need to know about this online pharmacy and supplements provider.

What is Rory?

Rory is an online women’s telehealth provider that caters to women and is run by women from the ground up.

That means that there’s a different level of care and focus around women’s health issues that women may not be accustomed to receiving. 

What services are available through Rory?

Rory offers online consultations for women’s health issues that include:

  • Skin concerns like anti-aging and prevention, eczema, dandruff, and excessive sweating
  • Eyelash growth
  • Sexual health, including genital herpes and cold sores
  • Daily health and wellness, including allergies, weight management, and smoking cessation
  • Symptoms of menopause -- concerns such as hot flashes and vaginal dryness

Patients can receive an online consultation with a physician for any of the health concerns listed above.

After speaking with a physician, patients may receive a prescription for medications or treatments that may help their condition and improve their healthcare. 

The cost structure of Rory includes unlimited follow-up if patients have any questions about their medication, treatment options, or healthcare.

Treatments are all shipped for free with 2-day shipping.

How does Rory work?

The first step to using Rory is to fill out an online questionnaire that will ask questions about the patient’s medical history, current symptoms, and lifestyle.

Patients will provide basic information about their height, weight, medications they are currently taking, and other pertinent information. 

As part of building your Rory profile, you will provide a copy of your government-issued photo ID, such as a driver’s license or passport, as well as a picture of your face to confirm your identity.

Patient confidentiality is extremely important to Rory, so all of your information is kept secure in a HIPAA-compliant system.

After creating your profile, a licensed healthcare provider will review your information and send any necessary follow-up questions via message, phone, or video, depending on the situation and the requirements in your state. After reviewing all of the information, your provider will determine if prescription treatment is right for you. 

Sometimes vitamin E, melatonin or other over the counter medications are not sufficient in helping to improve your medical conditions.

If your doctor determines that prescription treatment is right for you, your prescription will be shipped directly to your door with free two-day shipping. 

Rory only sells medication that is approved by the FDA, but patients also have the option of choosing to get their medication at their local pharmacy.

Refills are shipped either monthly or quarterly depending on the plan that the patient chooses, and there is no cancellation fee. Patients can stop their treatment plan at any time.

Is Rory a legitimate telehealth provider?

Although the legitimacy of telemedicine and online doctor services have been well established, particularly out of necessity during the COVID-19 pandemic, not everyone is comfortable using telemedicine providers or sure how to know that the services are legitimate. 

Rory works hard to ensure that patients can easily verify the credentials of the physicians on their site.

Patients can view the resume, medical license, and credentials of each provider right on the website.

According to Rory’s website (, all U.S. licensed physicians on the platform undergo an extensive background check and license verification process.

Physicians are also trained on the use of the Rory platform.

How much does Rory cost?

Unlike some telemedicine providers, Rory’s pricing structure is very transparent.

Membership in the service is free, the online visit is free, shipping is free, and patients receive unlimited follow-ups with a healthcare provider. 

Patients pay only for the prescription treatment they receive, which is why there are no costs for patients who do not qualify for prescription treatments. 

Costs of Rory products include:

  • Paroxetine and Venlafaxine: $35 per month or $30 per month for a 3-month supply
  • Vaginal estradiol cream: $60 per month for a 3-month supply
  • Latisse: $110 per month or $53 per month for a 3-month supply
  • Valacyclovir: $14 or $48 per month for a 3-month supply, depending on the dose
  • Azelastine: $29 per month or $19 per month for a 3-month supply
  • Fluticasone: $29 per month or $19 per month for a 3-month supply
  • Levocetirizine: $29 per month or $19 per month for a 3-month supply
  • Montelukast: $29 per month or $19 per month for a 3-month supply
  • Corrective nightly defense treatment: $25 per month for a 3-month supply
  • Preventative nightly defense treatment $25 per month for a 3-month supply
  • Triamcinolone 0.1% cream: $15 per month for a 3-month supply
  • Anti-dandruff shampoo ciclopirox 0.75%: $13 per month for a 3-month supply
  • Drysol aluminum chloride 20%, 60ml (topical solution): $13 per month for a 3-month supply

Please seek medical advice if you experience any side effects.

What are the advantages of Rory?

As a legitimate telemedicine provider, Rory provides many different advantages. 

Advantages of Rory include:

  • Ease of getting an appointment. Unlike traditional medical providers, Rory makes it easy to get an appointment and receive prescription medications. You don’t need to deal with driving to a doctor’s office and waiting for your appointment. Instead, you can answer a few questions, schedule your appointment quickly, and have your prescription within 24 hours.
  • Legitimate physicians. It’s easy to check on the credentials of your physician or any physician on Rory’s website, so there’s no question that you’re speaking to a qualified healthcare provider.
  • No charge for appointments that don’t result in a prescription. During your consultation, your doctor will evaluate whether you’re a good candidate for prescription treatment options. If you’re not a candidate for a prescription, you won’t have to pay for your appointment, which means no wasted money.
  • Fast shipping. Rory treatments ship with free 2-day shipping and come in discreet packaging, so you don’t have to worry about risking your privacy.
  • Free follow-ups. The cost of your consultation also includes free follow-up assistance regarding the medical issue you discussed during your appointment. If you have questions for your physician after your appointment, you’ll be able to contact them with additional questions without paying extra.
  • Affordability. Rory offers low prices on prescriptions, treatments, and appointments. Patients without health insurance can use Rory without worrying about outrageous costs.
  • Lots of choices. Patients are able to order their prescriptions through Rory directly or they can choose to have to pick up their prescriptions at the pharmacy of their choice.

What are the disadvantages of Rory?

Although there are many advantages of Rory, there are also some disadvantages of using the telemedicine service. 

Disadvantages of Rory include:

  • Only certain categories of health concerns are covered. Rory offers treatment options for skin concerns and eyelashes, sexual health, allergies, weight management, and symptoms of menopause . If you have health concerns outside of these areas, Rory’s physicians will not be able to help.
  • Eligibility requirements. In order to use Rory, you will have to have seen a physician in person sometime during the past two years. Patients who have not seen a physician in person will not be able to use Rory’s services.
  • Payment options. Rory is not covered by insurance, so it may not be a cost effective option for patients with commercial health insurance.
  • Consultation availability. Consultations are not available for non-prescription products that are available through Rory’s website. Patients will need to do this research on their own or visit a physician in-person to get more information.


If you’re looking for a convenient way to receive treatment for common women’s health issues, Rory might just be the ideal solution.

Patients have access to an online consultation within 24 hours of filling out their online profile and can have prescription medication and over-the-counter treatments shipped straight to their doorstep. 

Rory does not accept insurance, but the service is highly affordable for patients who are both insured and uninsured. 

Rory treats skin issues, eyelash growth issues, symptoms of menopause, and daily healthcare issues like allergies and weight management. 

While not all health issues are eligible for treatment through Rory, you might be surprised by the number of health conditions that Rory can help you with to improve your overall wellness.