Rex Md ED Review: What To Know Before You Sign Up

REX MD is a telehealth company that wants to reimagine the world of men’s healthcare. According to their site, they’re aiming to improve the broken culture of traditional healthcare by providing fast, discreet, and affordable treatment options for men.


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By: Chris Riley

Medically reviewed by: Dr. Angel Rivera

Last Updated: July 26th, 2021


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REX MD is a telehealth company that wants to reimagine the world of men’s healthcare. According to their site, they’re aiming to improve the broken culture of traditional healthcare by providing fast, discreet, and affordable treatment options for men.

They deal with a variety of male health areas: breakouts, premature ejaculation, hair loss, primary care, and, of course, erectile dysfunction (ED).

How does it work? Honestly, it’s pretty simple. You don’t even have to leave your bedroom.

First, you answer a few questions to provide basic information about your medical history, symptoms, and more. Then, REX MD links you up with a doctor, and you meet with them over the phone or via video call to talk about whatever is on your mind. Finally, the doctor determines a treatment plan and writes a prescription, if needed. 

In the next few days, your medication will get delivered straight to your home in unidentifiable packaging. Their site claims that all packages ship out within two days.

In this review, we’ll be discussing REX MD and their various ED treatment options. We’ll take an honest, detailed look at every aspect of this company—their website, customer service, pricing, comparison to competitors, and more. In the end, this article should help you determine if REX MD is worth your money.

Basic Pros and Cons of REX MD

Before we delve into the comprehensive review, we want to provide our general findings and an overview of REX MD’s services. Then, we’ll get into our in-depth analysis in each area of the business.

So, here a few of REX MD’s biggest pros:

  • Their delivery service is convenient.
  • You can save time and avoid awkwardness with their online system.
  • Their packaging is discreet.
  • They offer a variety of legitimate, affordable medications.
  • In general, they have excellent customer service by phone, email, and live chat.

Of course, the company also has a few cons:

  • Some customers have had difficulty cancelling their monthly memberships.
  • The “free pack” offering isn’t actually free—you still have to provide your credit card info before gaining access.
  • The shipping timeline is unclear.
  • Some users had issues securing refunds.

RexMd ED Offers


Before signing up for any telehealth provider, there’s one single question that first comes to mind: can I trust this company? After all, you’re putting your health in their hands when you decide to place your first order. You want to be sure that their products are legitimate and their service is reliable.

From what we’ve found, it’s safe to say that REX MD can be trusted. 

REX MD currently has 435 reviews on Trustpilot, and 80% of those reviews gave REX MD five out of five stars. Overall, Trustpilot gives the company a rating of 4.4/5. Similarly, on REX MD’s own website, they have 376 total reviews, with 79% being five-star ratings.

This is a good sign—it means that customers were satisfied with their experience. These positive reviews suggest that you can depend on REX MD to fulfill their promises.

Here’s what people had to say: 

“Very satisfied with every aspect of my first experience in online medical care, from A to Z, RexMD made everything simple and easy to understand, no bs on anything, was very pleased with everything and I would definitely recommend to anyone” 

— Andrew, 5/5,

“A safe haven in a awkward place. This was the first exp. With the company the representative I had was a blessing just for the fact I was purchasing viagra and Ms Leah Shurmer I believe was her name was fabulous comforting, ok with a joke as we spoke as I was nervous to even be discussing the subject and no less to a woman I thank this company for thier great choice on this person I actually spoke with another company prior to calling Rx, their rep. was abrupt and didnt attempt to show any compassion to the situation that we were dealing with, a mans ED.problem thank you RX you Rock!!! and ms Leah thank you as well ????????” 

— DJ, 5/5, TrustPilot

On top of sharing a couple good reviews, what really impressed us was this response to one of their 1-star reviews:

I can help you right now - I see the issues with your order - but I can also issue you a 100% Refund if you'd like to cancel - please contact me directly at your earliest convenience at: [email protected] (Director of Patient Care)

Seeing a company actively watch their reviews to make sure they’re making people happy is a plus from us. Customer service is half the experience and you can still be happy with a company as a customer even if you weren’t particularly happy with their product. It just instills a sense of trust. 

Speaking of trustworthiness, we should note that REX MD is completely legit — from Google’s suggested searches, it looks like some folks think it’s too good to be true and default to the “Is REX MD legit” query. 

According to their site, they follow all of the state laws and regulations for telehealth providers. For example, every REX MD physician is licensed in the United States. 

Based on what we’ve experienced on other telehealth sites, it’s a good sign to see them advertise actual medical doctors being available virtually everywhere (pun intended). 

Customer Service

Let’s dive deeper into customer service. When using a telehealth provider, customer service is another one of the factors that can make a huge difference in your experience. 

The convenience of telehealth services is one of the major draws for most people. However, if you’re stuck on hold for hours on end just waiting for help from a customer service rep, the telehealth experience becomes not-so-convenient. 

Well, in our experience, REX MD offers tons of efficient and accessible customer service options. 

The brand provides a customer support phone hotline, email address, and a live chat feature readily available on their website. 

We found that REX MD customer care specialists are professional, friendly, and helpful. In particular, these reps provide excellent support over the phone—completing transactions, answering questions, fixing billing issues, and more. 

Likewise, REX MD’s live chat tool is an easy way to get answers to any simple questions about the service. Usually, a customer service rep will respond to your inquiry within a minute or two. When you send a message, you can even see how many people are in the queue ahead of you, so you have a good idea of how long you’ll be waiting.

Ultimately, we found that customer service is one of REX MD’s strongest assets.

Survey and Virtual Appointment Setup

The virtual appointment setup of REX MD is one of the distinctive features of telehealth providers. Basically, you fill out a written form, where you must provide the details of your basic info, medical history, symptoms, and more. After that, you’ll shortly find out if you qualify for a prescription or not.

We have found that this portion of the REX MD business model works quite well. Most of the time, you don’t even have to speak to a doctor at all—the written form is enough to prove that you’re eligible. If your doctor does want to have a virtual meeting, you can schedule it on your own time. 

Most of the time, you’ll find out if you’re eligible for ED medication within 24 hours. All in all, this is a super easy, stress-free process.

We have no complaints here!

RexMd Overivew: Pros and Cons

Website Experience

Now, we’re shifting into an adjacent subject area—REX MD’s website. By nature, telehealth transactions occur online. For the most part, their site makes the process pretty simple.

In general, the site looks modern and aesthetically-pleasing. It’s quite intuitive to use, and all the most important information is laid out on the home page. This includes things like their basic philosophy, the medications they offer, and a straightforward chart describing how the REX MD process works. 

Additionally, there’s a small chart that compares their pricing to competitors like Roman, Lemonaid, and Upscript. It lays out the dosage size and price per dosage of each of these companies. This is a nice feature for anyone who’s deciding between several providers.

Moving beyond the home page, the site is still easy to navigate. There’s a bar right at the top with separate links to reviews, an explanation of how it works, a list of medications, and more information about the company. It’s all designed in a way that’s intuitive to use, even for the most inexperienced tech users.

However, this isn’t to say that the website isn’t without its issues. For example, it took us a minute to find the FAQ page—it’s not linked at the top, but rather way in the bottom corner. Nevertheless, the FAQ section is relatively detailed and helpful.

There’s one more would-be helpful feature that REX MD lacks—a search bar. It would be nice to have a way to search for a particular piece of information without combing through the whole site. Not even the FAQ section has a search feature. Luckily, it’s definitely an easy feature to put in, so hopefully it’s en route. 


It’s time to discuss what really matters most to many customers: pricing.

REX MD prides themselves on being an affordable choice for men seeking ED treatment, hair loss treatment, over-the-counter medications, and even primary care. But is the company really more affordable than traditional healthcare? What about its fellow telehealth competitors?

Here’s the basic verdict—REX MD is, generally, cheaper than or evenly priced with its competitors. 

For example, they charge $10 for a 100mg dosage of sildenafil (generic Viagra). Roman also charges $10 for the same thing. Taldalfil (generic Cialis) costs $10 in a 2.5 mg or 5 mg dosage from REX MD. From Roman, it costs $11.

In general, though, meds from REX MD tend to cost way less than medications from a traditional healthcare provider.

Frankly, the REX MD pricing model can be confusing. Their site doesn’t have a singular page that lists all of the pricing options for various subscriptions (we couldn’t find one, at least). Rather, you have to work through the entire survey to finally see the pricing for various prescriptions. This is one of the major issues with the site itself, but again, it’s an easy fix, so fingers crossed!

RexMd Viagra Price Comparison Chart

Subscription Model

Moreover, the subscription model is one area of the company where many customers have faced issues. Reviewers on TrustPilot and elsewhere have complained that REX MD makes it quite difficult to cancel your subscription once you’ve signed up. 

On the REX MD site, the instructions for canceling a subscription are quite vague: they suggest logging into your account, calling customer service, or emailing customer support to cancel. Basically, there’s no glaring “cancel” button anywhere on the website.

As with any subscription, the company regularly charges customers who have signed on for a monthly delivery. The problem seems to be that, even after calling or emailing REX MD to cancel their subscriptions, many users will continue to get charged for the medication and receive it each month.

However, we should note that this same paragraph on the terms and conditions page states that, “subscription orders must be cancelled within (12) hours of the renewal subscription date to avoid the order being shipped and you incurring charges for same.” So, it’s entirely possible that those reviewers actually did not end their automatic renewal within the 12 hour timeframe.

And let’s be honest — not a single one of us isn’t guilty of forgetting to cancel a subscription before the renewal date. 

On a brighter note, we should say that the subscription model can be highly convenient for anyone who uses ED meds on a regular basis. If you’re happy with your REX MD service and you decide you want that prescription each month, having it delivered regularly in discreet packaging is really nice.

If you decide to cancel, however, it may be another story.

Cialis Daily


It’s true that receiving your ED meds on your doorstep every month is one of the biggest draws of REX MD. But what does that delivery actually cost?

Well, here’s one thing we love about REX MD: USPS standard shipping is totally free. 

On their homepage, REX MD openly states that your medication will ship out within two days after you place your order. However, figuring out exactly how long it will actually take to arrive is a bit more difficult. They’re not so transparent with this fact. 

However, in our experience, packages from REX MD usually arrive within 2-4 days of shipping out. So, if you do the math, that means your medication will be delivered about 2-6 days after you initially purchase it.

Other Things to Note

Before we wrap things up, we have a few more notable details to discuss. Specifically, we should mention that some users claim to have had issues securing a refund after finding that their medications showed up already opened. After lots of back and forth with customer service, they still didn’t get any money back.

Of course, this was a rare experience—most customers say that their deliveries went smoothly. 

In addition, many reviewers have complained that the free starter pack promoted by REX MD isn’t technically free. You do have to enter your credit card information and place an order to unlock this offer. So, it isn’t really free, per se. 

The Verdict on REX MD

Hopefully, this article has given you a comprehensive understanding of REX MD. Though the company has a few flaws, it has plenty of praiseworthy attributes, too. In general, we would argue that the good outweighs the bad.

So, if you’ve been struggling with erectile dysfunction, be sure to check out REX MD. It’s certainly one of the biggest names in men’s telehealth, and they have our vote on being a service worth trying. 


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