MYXfitness Reviews: Are Their Fitness Bikes Worthwhile?

MYXfitness’s MYX Bike offers users an at-home spin cycle experience for a lower price than competitors. We find out if it’s worth the savings.


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By: Chris Riley

Medically reviewed by: Camille Freking

Last Updated: February 7th, 2022


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Indoor cycling, or “spin” classes, have become increasingly popular with the explosion of boutique-style cycling studios popping up all across the country and the availability of on-demand streaming classes you can do right in your own home.

While cycling classes provide a highly effective, cardio-driven workout that serves as low-impact, sweat-inducing exercise, they often come with a hefty price tag. If you decide to go the cycle club route, you can expect to pay as much as $200 a month for unlimited access to in-person classes, which doesn’t include shoe rentals or purchasing your own cycling shoes, if required.

On-demand cycling requires you to have your own equipment (i.e. an indoor, stationary spin bike) and a monthly subscription to the manufacturer’s streaming platform. Altogether, the costs can add up quickly.

We reviewed MYXfitness’s spin bikes to see how they stood up against other at-home spin bikes. Here, we’ll discuss what you can expect from MYXfitness, how their merger with Beachbody affects their product, and whether or not investing in a MYX bike is worth it.

Who Is MYXfitness?

MYXfitness was founded in 2017, offering a limited number of pre-recorded workout classes that could be done at home. In the summer of 2021, they merged with Beachbody, the largest at-home fitness subscription company, founded in 1998 by entrepreneurs and fitness enthusiasts Jon Congdon and Carl Daikeler.

The merger of MYXfitness and Beachbody is still very new, and there are definitely kinks they will have to work out to keep their customers happy and offer a more streamlined experience in the future. However, by merging, they now offer a virtually unending supply of on-demand fitness classes in every genre and for every ability level.

Who Is Beachbody?

If you aren’t familiar with Beachbody, you can check out our review of their programs here. Beachbody is a direct-to-consumer health and wellness company that offers instructor-led workouts that can be accessed on-demand, anywhere you stream video content.

Beachbody’s workouts are second to none, and highly valued by their clients. However, Beachbody’s business model is based on multilevel marketing, which means you’ll have to purchase your membership from a Beachbody “coach.”

Because Beachbody also offers health products like protein shakes and meal replacement bars, you’ll likely get a sales pitch and be subject to buying some pretty pricey shake mix.

What Does MYXfitness Offer?

MYXfitness offered on-demand workouts prior to teaming with Beachbody, however, their main focus was on at-home, instructor-led, spin-style classes that were geared to reaching their audience of viewers that owned their MYX bikes.

MYX offers a baseline bicycle and a package that includes a bicycle plus free weights and some fitness mats and accessories to accompany other, non-spin style workouts.

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About Their Streaming Service

MYXfitness offers on-demand streaming through their own website, and through Beachbody’s website. MYXfitness premier members have access to Beachbody streaming which provides live, instructor-led workouts and MYXfitness spin workouts.

Beachbody’s on-demand program for pre-recorded workouts is $99 per year. BODi by Beachbody is the specific service that offers live programming and MYXfitness spin workouts,  which can be purchased for an additional $19.99 per month.

With the addition of Beachbody’s on-demand service, you can have access to classes that include:

  • Weightlifting, power training
  • Cardio, HIIT workouts
  • Yoga
  • Pilates
  • Stretching
  • Specialized programs 
  • Core
  • Spin

With access to this many genres and classes, there’s little chance of becoming bored with your workout program, which is a highly valued attribute of this on-demand streaming service. 

Breaking Down the Bikes: MYX vs. Peloton

If you love spin but don’t want to commit to a contractual obligation with a cycle studio, your best option is to purchase a spin bike for at-home use, with a matching subscription program so you can access instructor-led spin classes.

It goes without saying that Peloton has held a virtual monopoly on the at-home spin market, but the price point for their equipment and monthly subscription made it less accessible to some would-be users.

With the introduction of MYX’s MYX Bike, at-home spin cycling became more affordable, and the MYX Bike is highly comparable to the Peloton, but with a much more attractive price point.

Let’s break down the comparison between MYX Bike and Peloton, and help you decide which is right for you.


The biggest selling factor of the MYX Bike compared to the Peloton is the price tag.

At approximately $500 cheaper, the MYX Bike is a great option that is more affordable, especially if you consider MYXfitness’s finance program, which allows you to purchase the bike for as little as $29.00 per month.

Peloton’s base model cost is $1,895.00. The Peloton Bike+ model, which has an automated resistance feature that helps keep your RPM paced with the class and instructor, is $2,495.00.

MYX Bike is available for $1,299.00, and the MYX Bike Plus package can be purchased for $1,499.00.

Both companies offer free shipping and a conditional one-year warranty on parts, labor, and accessories, and a five-year warranty on the frame.


Both the MYX Bike and the Peloton offer similar features like a large, colorful touchscreen, ample gear settings, and a quiet, smooth ride.

However, we did personally like the ability of the MYX Bike’s screen to rotate 180 degrees and angle downward, allowing you better viewing access while you engage in other workouts off the bike.

The Peloton Bike+ does have an auto resistance feature that you would be hard-pressed to find even in a professional cycle studio. This feature automatically adjusts your cadence to the class you are taking, allowing you to focus on other elements of your ride, aside from matching your RPMs to the instructor or song.


Both MYXfitness and Peloton offer fitness classes that include both spin and non-spin classes.

The merger of MYXfitness and Beachbody places MYXfitness in a position of being able to offer more in terms of non-spin-related fitness classes than Peloton does.

Additionally, MYXfitness’s monthly subscription is less expensive than Peloton’s. MYXfitness costs $29 per month while Peloton is $39 per month. If you’d like access to the Beachbody workouts, too, you’ll still save $20 per year compared to Peloton.

A note on the subscriptions: While the integration with Beachbody is ongoing, MYXfitness users may find there are issues accessing the live cycle titles they want. Users have reported numerous issues with accessing live titles, including problems with the MYX Bike’s tablet.

MYXfitness users can access pre-recorded classes via OpenFit that are not for the bike, and pre-recorded spin classes, but additional classes and live classes require the additional Beachbody on Demand BODi subscription.


Cycling shoes can be expensive. You can expect to pay between $150-$250 per pair depending on the style you choose and the clip-in method you need.

The Peleton bicycle requires clip-in cycling style shoes and cannot be used without them. For the MYX Bike, you won’t need cycling shoes unless you just want them.

The MYX Bike has fittings that can be worn with athletic shoes, but some users report that the straps that fit the athletic shoes slap around and become distracting.

If you’d like to use cycling shoes with the MYX Bike, they are fitted for them as well.


Although MYXfitness markets their bike as more compact and space-saving, in actual comparison it’s only an inch shorter and wider than the Peleton. It weighs a few pounds less, but not enough to make this feature an actual selling point.


It’s important to understand that Peloton is a high-end bicycle that is crafted with precision and quality. Spending the money on a Peloton will not be wasted, and you’ll enjoy incredible durability that is virtually unmatched.

The MYX Bike, however less expensive, is a force to reckon. The MYX bike is also a quality bike, made with care but simply with a few less “extras” than Peloton.

Customer Service

Most of the unfavorable reviews we found for MYXfitness related to their customer service.

Consider this, from Molly, a Trustpilot user: 

“I bought a Myxfitness bike in an attempt to get something similar to Peloton without the ultra high price tag. Unfortunately that did not work out at all. The content from Myx is quite good, though less varied than Peloton. The bike is also high quality. The issues, though, are with their tech and their customer service. The tech is buggy and intermittent. I had repeated issues pairing the HR monitor and headphones. The sound went up and down intermittently. And sometimes their system just didn't work at all. And when I tried to get help with these issues, I had to contact them very many times and never got fully satisfactory answers or support. I truly wish I had bought a Peloton instead because I have limited time and energy to workout and want to focus that energy on actual workouts rather than the worry of whether the expensive bike I bought will work.”

It should be noted, not all the reviews we found for customer service were negative. Trustpilot user SNT says of his experience: 

“I recently bought an MYX Fitness bike through their partnership with Beachbody. I am very pleased with the product. I am also pleased with the customer service. I had an issue with the speed sensor and I was given immediate help (via email on a Saturday) and the directions solved the problem. The technician was patient and kind.”


If you’d like an at-home, total fitness experience, Beachbody and MYXfitness can deliver. With numerous classes, an affordable spin bike, and access to live and prerecorded on-demand, instructor-led fitness, you’ll find it easy to stay engaged.

The MYX Bike is a great value for an entry-level spin bike that will last a long time, offer you the same great fitness that other, higher-priced bikes can offer, and also doesn’t require expensive cycling shoes. 

For the value, we think MYXfitness’s MYX Bike is definitely worth the money. 

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