EverQuote Review: Coverage & Cost Comparison Guide

EverQuote seeks to help people narrow down their search when it comes to affordable insurance, but do they deliver? This honest review answers the question. 


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Last Updated: June 9th, 2022


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Hunting for insurance can be a daunting task — the options seem endless and coverage varies at every turn.

But, at the end of the day, the goal is always the same: find a solid insurance policy while saving money.

Thankfully, there are companies out there that help you shop for various insurance policy quotes all in one place, whether it’s policies for the car, home, or health.

EverQuote is one of those companies. They seek to give you a fast, free, and easy way to shop for your next insurance policy.

The process is straightforward: Build a profile, compare insurance providers, and connect with licensed insurance agents.

But, are companies like EverQuote worth your time? Do they deliver on their promises?

Stick around for an honest review as we explore this company making a name for themselves in the online insurance marketplace.

About EverQuote

Based in Cambridge, Massachusetts, EverQuote has been operating in the online insurance marketplace since 2011. While they began as an online marketplace for auto insurance, they have since expanded their reach to include home, renters, life, health, and commercial insurance.

EverQuote states that they can help match you with the best insurance policies in your area, saving you time and money. They have partnered with many of the leading insurance agencies, including Progressive, Nationwide, Liberty Mutual, MetLife, and more.

Before we dive into how EverQuote works, let’s take a moment to look at their privacy policies — privacy arguably being one of the biggest concerns consumers have when they use services like EverQuote that collect and send out their information to other companies.

EverQuote Privacy Policies

Before using any sort of online marketplace, it is important to understand your privacy rights and the privacy policies of the company in question. Sadly, many companies exist as lead-generating companies, working more for the insurance agencies than for you.

The most important aspect of privacy policies is understanding how a company uses your personal information. However, the way the law applies to the mere use of the website itself (or mobile site or app) almost automatically has you agree to their terms. This includes the collection of, disclosure of, and use of your information. 

How does Everquote collect my information?

Everquote may collect your information (name, address, age, gender, email, etc.) when you register on their website. They collect your information when you contact them directly, too. The type of insurance you are looking for will also determine what information is collected.

For example, car insurance may require disclosure about age and previous driving record whereas an inquiry about life insurance might collect information about your occupation, tobacco use, and medical history.

They also collect information passively through tracking tools like browser cookies, as well as through third parties such as data companies and even social media platforms.

How does Everquote use my information?

Your information is used to help provide you with insurance quotes. They also use your information for marketing and promotion offers. Sometimes, information is shared with third-party vendors and other business partners (insurance partners) to help find you quotes.

Can I control the use of my information?

Yes, in some ways at least. You can always opt-out of marketing or promotional emails. You can also control browser cookies and tracking tools. You can also control the GPS locator if using a smartphone.

Now, let’s look at how EverQuote actually works.

EverQuote: How Does it Work?

The process all starts with an inquiry. EverQuote allows you to select policy types, from auto and home to life and renter’s insurance.

For our purposes here, let’s suppose you are on a quest to find the right car insurance. You need something that is affordable and fits your needs.

The initial process starts by choosing the type of policy you want, auto insurance in this example. The rest of the process takes about 10 minutes or so.

  1. Construct your profile; this includes disclosing various forms of information about yourself.
  2. Compare insurance providers that fit your needs and are the most relevant based on your profile.
  3. Connect with insurance agencies so you can compare quotes. 

Next, you will have to provide your zip code. You will then be asked for various information about your vehicle: year, make, and model. Make sure you know your vehicle's features (2WD or 4WD drive, power seat controls, engine type, etc.) and estimated annual mileage. You will also be asked if you own, lease, or finance your vehicle.

EverQuote will also ask you what the primary use of your vehicle is — driving, duh. But really, the use of vehicles has a lot to do with insurance coverage. Do you commute back and forth to work with it? Is it strictly a pleasure cruiser? Is it for business? Are you a hermit who only leaves for groceries?

How much coverage do you need?

This can be a tricky question. The options include state minimum, lower level, typical level, or highest level coverage.

Believe it or not, there are many types of auto insurance coverage, including collision, liability, or comprehensive insurance coverage. We recommend you familiarize yourself with these before starting the process.

When it comes to the amount of coverage, amounts can vary.

Here is an example of high and minimum level coverages (typically):

  • High level - $250,000 per person bodily injury liability; $100,000 property damage liability
  • Minimum level - $15,000 per person bodily injury liability; $5,000 property damage liability

Again, the level of coverage will affect the amount you have to pay for insurance each month. The average auto insurance expense varies by state.

In addition to contact information, other information you will have to disclose include:

  • Name of all drivers you want on the policy
  • Your age and gender
  • Education level completed
  • Current auto insurance coverage (if any)
  • Any accidents, tickets, DUIs, or suspensions in the past
  • Credit score (poor, average, good, excellent)

At the end of the process, you have the option to receive quotes strictly online (they present you with insurance provider information), by email (agents will contact you), or by phone.

Here is what one customer had to say about the ease of the process:

The online questionnaire and the ease of doing so impressed me greatly. I was afraid that filling out the questionnaire would be difficult and lengthy but it was not.

—    Mjelm, 5/5 stars on Clearsurance

Comparing Quotes

Once you have completed the initial process, it’s time to sit back, relax, and wait for your results.

You’ll be given various results based on your information and area with the option to “View My Quote.”

Only two options came up in our inquiry, one from Esurance and one from Progressive.

Once you click the view option, you will be redirected to the partnering agency’s website.

Basically, all it amounts to is advertisements from their partnering insurance companies.

An actual comparison of insurance quotes (i.e., real dollars and cents) is simply not there.

The customer reviews regarding the outcome were mixed, to say the least:

Complete waste of time. It is supposed to give all info to multiple carriers yet you start from scratch with each one. The carriers inundate you with emails and calls to get the same info you already entered. More than a waste of time it wastes time going forward.

—    Ron, 1/5 stars on reviews.io

The quotes were nice from the person I received. I like to do the online quotes. I don't like to get all the phone calls. They never end even when you tell them not to call anymore. There are some good insurance quotes out there though. People just have to look for them.

—    Elizabeth, 5/5 stars on Clearsurance

The website was very easy and simple to navigate. The small fine print stated that your name and phone number etc would be shared with third party companies and I have received many phone calls from them since. The price I was quoted was a little higher than the original quote from a different company that I went with.

— Anna, 3/5 stars on Clearsurance

EverQuote Compared to Others

It is important to understand that there are usually two types of insurance comparison companies in the online marketplace.

Many are legitimate quote comparison sites that present users with actual rates (dollars and cents) based on the information they provide.

Other insurance comparison websites are simply lead generation sites. They capture your information and transfer or sell it to partnering companies or independent agents. Basically, these sorts of companies act as middle-men, connecting customers with insurance companies.

Not to say this is necessarily bad, but it can be very misleading if you are expecting to get genuine insurance quotes on the actual site. Their advantage is being able to narrow down the search and get you connected with the appropriate agents. But the process isn’t a one-stop-shop.

Not to mention the fact that you can usually do the same thing by simply conducting a search with your internet browser.

Other Insurance Comparison Tools

Insurify is one alternative option. It is a free comparison website that provides real-time quotes from all the top insurance agencies. The initial process is very similar to EverQuote, but at the end of it all you have actual quotes in front of your eyes.

Zebra is another option for comparing auto and home insurance coverage. Again, the process is similar — you get asked a series of questions. But, at the end you are presented with actual quotes.

In addition, both of these sites boast a much better customer review profile.

EverQuote Driving App

For all it seemingly lacks, EverQuote does feature a pretty neat app known as EverDrive. This app helps you become a better (and allegedly safer) driver. It’s no secret that insurance companies care a lot about the safety of their drivers. The safer the drivers are, the less money insurance companies have to shell out in claims.

How does it work?

You simply download the EverDrive app to your smartphone (Apple or Android). The app passively monitors driving habits and delivers those diagnostics so they can be reviewed. You will receive a score — the more your driving skills improve, the higher your score gets.

Safer drivers are able to qualify for discounts with some auto insurers. You can also participate to receive cash prizes as you work to become a top EverDriver.

What data is collected?

Various driving data is collected by the app, including:

  • Accelerometer
  • Device on and off screen (no texting and driving, please!)
  • Time of the day and vehicle location
  • Rotational movements, known as gyroscope data

Bottom Line

No company is without its pros and its cons, its benefits and its drawbacks. EverQuote is no exception to this.

The best thing EverQuote has going is their ability to put you into contact with insurance providers and independent agents. The process is fairly simple and quick. Plus, you do get the advantage of being able to narrow down the search. Not to mention, their driving app is pretty neat in that it can save you money and all you have to do is drive safely.

But, unfortunately, they do not deliver when it comes to providing you with real-time insurance quotes. Your information is essentially collected and passed along. Again, they are less of an insurance comparison site and more of a lead generation site.

If you are looking for actual quotes (real numbers) for insurance policies, they may not be the best website for you. But, if you’re looking for a way to find your best matches fast, without having to do your own homework, EverQuote is here to do your homework for you with a few simple questions.


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