Byte Review: Does This Teeth Aligner Kit Actually Work?

Byte is a big name in teledentistry that provides an easy to use invisible, teeth aligner system. Here, we review the most important question — does it actually work?


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By: Bridget Reed

Medically reviewed by: Chris Riley

Last Updated: June 9th, 2022

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Say cheese! 

Most are familiar with that common invitation to bear their pearly whites. But for many, smiling for the camera can feel embarrassing and the invitation to do so brings dread.

Smiling with closed lips or avoiding pictures altogether becomes the norm.

How we smile reveals a lot about our confidence. Unfortunately, many are robbed of this confidence due to crooked teeth.

To alleviate this source of embarrassment, many people turn to orthodontics; specialists who help with teeth straightening and bite alignment issues. Braces are a common solution.

Braces are used to correct overbites, underbites, spacing issues, and crowding issues. They can be an effective treatment, especially when interventions are done early in life.

However, many people have also turned to aligners (often referred to as invisible braces) to help with the teeth straightening process.

Invisible aligners work much like braces, helping shift teeth into ideal position and alignment.

Byte is one company seeking to help customers recapture their smile and confidence.

In short, Byte is a teledentistry company, headquartered in Los Angeles, that consists of a vast network of licensed dentists and orthodontists that prescribe and manage the treatment plans of at-home invisible aligners.

But do Byte’s aligners actually work?

Some Reasons For Choosing Invisible Aligners

The main reason people choose to use invisible aligners is obvious: Teeth straightening. But braces do the same thing. So, why do so many opt for aligners instead of braces as an orthodontic treatment?

Here are a few of the most common reasons:

Overall Comfort

Aligners are much more comfortable than traditional braces. There are no metal wires or attachments in the mouth.

Of course, each option can bring some discomfort — they are shifting your teeth after all. But aligners typically get the upper hand on overall comfort.

Overall Convenience

Those who’ve had braces know the appointment routine and are familiar with the joys of sitting in the orthodontist’s chair. Teeth straightening is hard work and frequent adjustments are common.

Aligners require much less face-to-face time. Teledentistry options like Byte take convenience a step further. Of course, the accountability to comply with the instructions also increases.

Overall Cost

Cost varies, but typically one can expect to spend much more on traditional braces than on invisible aligners.

How Do Invisible Aligners Work?

For straightening teeth, invisible aligners work much the same as braces — by gradually shifting teeth into an ideal position.

Typically, this process is done in steps and patients are required to wear a series of aligners for specific periods of time while the teeth are slowly brought into alignment.

One of the main differences between traditional braces and aligners has to do with how the teeth are shifted.

Braces apply a pull force to shift teeth into place whereas aligners rely on a push force to help rotate teeth into proper alignment.

Getting Started with the Byte Invisible Aligner

The first step to the invisible aligner process is ensuring you are an actual candidate for their use. Most invisible aligners are meant to treat mild to moderate cases.

Byte offers a 30 second assessment quiz to help potential customers find out if Byte may be right for them. Here is a question example:

What is your main motivation to improve your smile?

This question is appreciated since motivation usually determines how successful someone will be in carrying out a plan; a multi-month process in this case.

It also asks self-reporting type questions regarding teeth crowding, teeth spacing severity, and bite assessment (over, under, cross bite).

Results are then emailed to potential customers. While this feature is nice, self-reporting can be challenging for some people.

At-Home Impression Kit

While the quiz is a nice touch, the at-home impression kit will be step one and the determining factor in whether you are a good candidate for Byte.

The impression kit is used to get a model of your teeth. It is reviewed and analyzed by licensed dentists and orthodontists who make the ultimate decisions on candidacy.

The kit is shipped to customers, comes with easy to follow instructions, and can be completed in minutes.

If approved, a personalized treatment plan will be designed and overseen by professionals and your aligners will be shipped — typically takes 5 to 7 weeks.

You get two chances on your first impression kit to do it right. If you mess up on the first, Byte will send out another one (shipping cost is on you).

If you run into another snag and mess up the second impression then you will have to purchase another kit at full price.

Here is how one customer felt about the process:

“The process was pretty quick and easy. The impression kit and instructions made the process easy to complete, and the Byte representatives are very kind and helpful. They are on top of what needs to be done and the timeline it needs to be done in. I had a great experience with starting my journey to get straighter teeth!”

Briana, 5/5 Stars on Trustpilot

Picking Your Byte Invisible Aligner Plan

Once your at-home impressions are received, the orthodontic professionals will help craft a smile plan that’s right for you and customers will receive their custom invisible aligners.

According to Byte, each aligner is meant to be worn for one week.

Each week customers will progress to the next step and come that much closer to their perfect smile:

“I am 15 weeks in with about 8 weeks to go and I’m seeing a positive change in my front teeth. The system is easy to follow, and management and customer service is quick and helpful. I’m glad I chose Byte."

  • Kiki, 5/5 Stars on Trustpilot

All-Day Aligners vs. At-Night Aligners

Customers have the option to choose between an all-day aligner kit or an at-night aligner kit. The differences come down to convenience, wear time, and cost.

All-Day Aligner System

According to Byte, the all-day aligners are the option most chosen to get quicker results, taking 3-4 months on average to get the smile you want. This also means more wear time of the invisible aligners.

The aligners in the all-day options are meant to be worn for 22 hours a day, only taken out when you’re eating or drinking.

So, those that want a speedier process to a better smile must be ready to endure the aligners every day, all-day, for three to four months. The all-day aligner system is also the least expensive of the plans at $1,895.

At-Night Aligner System

The at-night aligner system is geared toward those who want convenience and prefer to do the work while they sleep. However, convenience has a cost and this plan rounds out at $2,295 as it is considered the premium option.

The at-night aligners, made from a slightly thicker material than its all-day counterpart, are meant to be worn for 10+ continuous hours; shifting teeth while you snooze. Byte states that with this option results are typically seen within 5-6 months.

Byte’s HyperByte Technology

One important ingredient to the success of Byte’s aligners comes down to HyperByte technology. In short, HyperByte employs a well-known technology that has been used in orthodontics for years: High frequency vibrations.

These micropulses are said to help the alignment process; increasing the rate of tooth movement while helping alleviate some discomfort that comes with the process.

The use of Byte’s own HyperByte tool is essential for those seeking positive results. The at-night system requires 10 minutes or more a day of HyperByte use, while the all-day system requires only 5 minutes a day.

Byte Compared to Invisalign

Invisalign is Byte’s main competitor. Both of these teeth alignment systems boast similar claims and their procedures are nearly identical, with a few exceptions. 

One difference lies in cost, Invisalign being the more expensive of the two.

The bigger expense has to do with the procedures. Byte is teledentistry through and through. Invisalign requires in-person visits and appointments with your dental health provider for various procedures (e.g. 3D scanning). This is great for those who want the personal touch.

Do Byte Invisible Alignments Actually Work?

Of course, at the end of the day, the most important thing lies not in the claims but in the results. Byte boasts numerous customer reviews, attesting to its effectiveness.

We’ve done the digging for you — here are a couple:

“I’m so happy with my daughter’s Byte aligners! The process was so easy and the payment plan made it so affordable. I can already see a difference in her smile and she is only 5 weeks in on the 15 week treatment plan. Do not hesitate to try Byte!”

  • Kristy, 5/5 Stars on Trustpilot

“I've recently finished my clear aligners. Which for some brands can take a whole year. Where as my byte took only 2 1/2 months and left me with a great smile. I love my new smile and you will too.”

  • Jada, 5/5 Stars on Trustpilot

Byte doesn’t hide their results; they let their customers speak. Potential customers are invited to explore their website, where numerous reviews, before and after, and testimonials can be found by real customers. 

Byte Backs Up Their Work

Byte also backs up its claims, offering product guarantees on their impression kits, aligner systems, and Byte for Life Guarantee; providing additional (no cost) treatment if your teeth ever move out of alignment.

Of course, restrictions apply to the teeth covered in the original Byte plan; misalignments due to outside treatments or trauma do not apply. 

Byte is Directed by Experts and Professionals

Byte isn’t some infomercial fad making wild claims, it is backed up by a vast network of dental and orthodontist professionals and experts — over 200 nationwide. Customers receive industry expertise as well as access to these professionals 7 days a week for consulting.

Byte Invisible Aligner Pros and Cons

Firstly, Byte’s website stands out. The helpfulness and informative nature of the website cannot be overstated. Everything is easy to find, easy to understand, and easy to navigate.  This is a big deal for those who can become easily overwhelmed during the research process. 

Also, the thing that comes up time and time again in Byte’s customer reviews is the top-notch customer service.

Here is one example out of many:

“So far Byte has been everything advertised. The online support (numerous check ins to monitor progress) was an additional bonus I was not expecting. It has been an incredibly easy procedure for 10 weeks so far.”

  • Billy, 5/5 Stars on Trustpilot

Here are a few other pros and highlights with Byte:

  • Expert advice and consultation from the professional care team.
  • Flexible financing options for those that qualify; some costs may be covered through insurance.
  • Customers can remotely track progress throughout treatment.
  • Extensive FAQ section answers hundreds of questions; from ordering process, pricing, plans, and more.

Here are the two main drawbacks of Byte:

  • In terms of drawback with Byte, it must be remembered that the service is considered teledentistry — that means no in-person consultations. This may be an issue for some who have unique dental histories. 
  • Furthermore, custom alignments aren’t perfect every time. In some cases, alignments may require tweaking if they do not fit properly out of the box. 

Some Final Thoughts

Most will agree that there is a link between smiling and happiness. An attractive smile is an important personal asset to many. Some researchers have even found links between smiling and stress recovery. Sadly, crooked teeth can rob that joy.

Byte offers an alternative to braces with its brand of invisible alignment systems. The whole process is done via teledentistry; which is a big plus for some but not ideal for everyone.

All in all, the proof is in the results. Byte has no lack of personal testimonies and positive reviews.

Though each case is unique, Byte has provided many with the help they need to achieve their perfect smile.


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