Ahead ADHD Review: Online ADHD Diagnosis & Treatment

Ahead is a telehealth company that focuses on treating mental health conditions. In this article, we give an honest review of everything the company has to offer.

By: Bridget Reed

Medically reviewed by: Chris Riley

Last Updated: December 22nd, 2021

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Mental illnesses like ADHD and anxiety are often all-consuming. These conditions impact your entire life—from school to work to social activities. And yet, many people delay seeking treatment for any number of reasons. Perhaps it’s too expensive, too time-consuming, or just too uncomfortable.

Fortunately, technology has allowed us to develop solutions to each of these setbacks. Today, there are countless telehealth providers that offer support through an all-virtual business model. Getting help for mental illnesses is easier than ever before.

Today, we’re going to be reviewing Ahead. This telehealth company specializes in mental health issues like ADHD, depression, and anxiety. If you deal with any of these conditions and you’re seeking treatment, whether for the first time or as a change from your current situation, you should certainly consider Ahead.

In this review, we’ll be discussing all the various components of Ahead that you should consider before committing to this service. Ultimately, this article should help you make an informed decision about your own mental health.

We won’t keep you waiting any longer—let’s do this!

A General Overview

First things first, we’d like to offer a quick summary of Ahead, how it works, and the various types of treatment they offer. Then, we’ll get into the nitty-gritty stuff.

Ahead works like most other telehealth companies. Firstly, you fill out a brief questionnaire to give the doctors an understanding of your medical history, symptoms, and more. It only takes about ten minutes.

Notably, when you submit your questionnaire, you’ll be asked to pay a deposit of $30 to hold your appointment spot. When you actually have your first appointment, that money will be deducted from the cost.

After you send in that survey, the next step is to have a virtual visit with a healthcare provider. You’ll have a brief consultation to help the doctor give you a diagnosis.

Finally, if a prescription is needed, it will be delivered straight to your doorstep. After you start taking your medication, you can also schedule follow-up appointments as-needed. Plus, you have access to your care team through text, email, and phone.

Ahead mainly provides medication for ADHD, depression, and anxiety. These medications include stimulants (like Adderall), SSRIs, and SNRIs. They offer treatment plans that involve medication alone, as well as medication and therapy together.

Overall, our impression is that Ahead aims to provide simple, convenient, stress-free care. Now, let’s delve into the article to determine if they really achieve that goal.

Individual Support

If you’ve never tried a telehealth service before, the whole experience can seem quite daunting. The idea of receiving a diagnosis and prescription from someone without ever meeting them in person is foreign to many of us.

You want to have reliable, attentive care to ensure that you’re getting the best treatment possible, and that can sometimes be difficult with telehealth. When it comes to an issue like ADHD, this is even more vital.

For this reason, we want to kick things off by discussing the individualized support offered by Ahead.

In our experience, one-on-one appointments with Ahead doctors are nothing but comfortable, safe, and effective.

As we already mentioned, the whole process begins with an introductory consultation. We’ve found that the Ahead care providers are incredibly knowledgeable about a wide range of mental health conditions. This makes the process of receiving a diagnosis and prescription so easy.

All of the care providers at Ahead are board-certified, which means they are fully qualified to diagnose and treat mental health issues.

Better yet, once you’ve committed to a treatment plan, you get unlimited access to your care team through text and email and over the phone. If you have questions about your dosage, symptoms, delivery, or anything else, you can expect to receive a response from your care team within 24 hours.

Real Reviews

Clearly, we’re fans of the Ahead care team. However, just in case you’d like a second opinion or two, we’ve compiled a series of reviews that illustrate the same sentiment.

So, take a look at these honest Reddit reviews:

“I had my first Hello Ahead meeting today. It was really great. I was prescribed two different types of medication including adderall, and given my formal diagnosis. Its long overdue, but I'm finally beginning my journey of getting the help I so badly need.”

— theweeping-weeb, Reddit

“A bit pricey, but life changing for me. I don't have a lot of money but it was the best $150 I've ever spent. The nurse I worked with made me feel valued, was patient, and ruled out a lot of issues and landed on an ADHD diagnosis. Started me on 5mg Adderal XR immediately and soon likely to be pushing that up since only minor benefits at this dose… But yeah, 100% recommend for ease-of-use and speed of diagnosis, saves the trouble of searching for a psychiatrist etc etc you just sign up and ready to go.”

— Confused_Cow_, Reddit

“I just had my first Ahead appointment yesterday over video conferencing! I felt like I was finally being listened to and not rushed and talked over. The person I met with is an NP specializing in psychiatric nursing. Unlike past psychiatrists, she has experience working with other ADHD patients with type 1 diabetes and is very knowledgeable, which is refreshing. I’ll be starting on adderall xr tomorrow. I really hope this works, or is at least a step closer to finding the right meds for me!” 

— indikos, Reddit

It’s very clear that Ahead users value the attentive, expert care of their providers. Although you won’t ever meet your doctor in person, you’ll still receive top-of-the-line care from Ahead.


Receiving high-quality treatment may be number one on your list of priorities, but finding treatment that’s also affordable is just as important. When it comes to pricing, how does Ahead stack up against its competitors?

Your initial consultation from Ahead will cost $225. From then on, any follow up appointments will cost $160.

According to Ahead’s site, those appointments typically last for 20 to 25 minutes, and they simply serve the purpose of medication management.

On the other hand, your treatment plan may involve both medication and therapy. If that’s the case, each appointment will run you $275. These usually last for about 45-50 minutes.

There’s no denying that these appointments can get pretty pricey. Indeed, that is one of the most common complaints we’ve seen in negative reviews of the company—it’s just not affordable for many people.

However, even if Ahead sounds way too costly for your budget, don’t give up just yet. Some health insurance companies may cover the cost of Ahead.

According to their FAQ page, Ahead is actually an out-of-network provider, which means that your insurance company may be able to reimburse you for money spent on their services.

If this is the case, Ahead will provide a bill that you can submit to your insurance company.

Along these same lines, Ahead does accept most insurance plans for medication. This is a huge plus, as their medications can cost anywhere from $40 to $80 without insurance.

It’s true that Ahead can be quite expensive. If the price is a concern for you, be sure to check with your insurance company to see if they might cover any of those expenses. If so, we think signing up for Ahead would be totally worth it!


Another factor that anyone should consider before committing to a new healthcare provider is their trustworthiness. It’s vital to be certain that your health is in good hands, especially if all of your appointments and care is to be conducted online.

Well, in our opinion, Ahead is certainly trustworthy.

First and foremost, they’ve received an abundance of positive customer reviews on sites like Reddit—that’s always comforting to see.

Beyond that, though, all of their care providers are board-certified psychiatric nurse practitioners (NPs), which means they have specialized training in psychiatry. Moreover, every NP must collaborate with a board-certified psychiatrist (with an M.D. degree). So, you will definitely be in safe hands with Ahead.

Moreover, the company is fully HIPAA compliant, so you never have to worry about privacy and security concerns. We’ve never had any issues in this area.

These are just some of the most prominent reasons that we find Ahead to be a trustworthy, reliable provider. If you’re concerned about the virtual aspect of the whole thing, just remember that companies like Ahead must comply with all of the same regulations and rules as traditional healthcare providers do.

Website Experience

When it comes to online healthcare, the website itself is nearly as significant as the actual care experience. It needs to be inviting, informative, and user-friendly. In our book, Ahead checks all of those boxes.

We love how straightforward their homepage is.

They provide all the essential information you need to know, plus helpful graphics and some answers to their most frequently-asked questions. It’s very simple to navigate.

Our only complaint about this site is the fact that they seem to hide some of their pricing information.

Rather than display all of that info in one single location, it’s scattered across the site. For example, to find the price for a follow-up appointment, you have to visit the FAQ page and then click into another sub-section.

We know this is a small issue, but it could be a roadblock for someone who struggles with technology or simply doesn’t feel like digging through the entire website.

Other than that, their website is great!

Orders and Shipping

If you’re concerned about the cost of appointments and medication through Ahead, we have some hopeful news for you—shipping is completely free. So, although you might have a co-pay for your medication, you won’t ever be paying more than you would at a pharmacy. This is just a nice added bonus that helps keep the cost down a bit.

Likewise, shipping usually takes about two days. In our experience, shipping is reliable and follows a regular schedule.

Having your medication delivered can be a huge time-saver, so this aspect of Ahead is very appealing to many people.

Medication Selection

Finally, let’s address the subject of medication itself.

Ahead offers a wide variety of medications—even more so than many of its competitors.

For example, the telehealth company Brightside offers similar services (i.e., medication and therapy). However, they do not offer any stimulants like Adderall.

Of course, Ahead does provide stimulants to its patients. In fact, they stand out among their competitors because they specialize in treating ADHD. So, if you believe you might have ADHD, or you’re looking to change up your current care provider, you should definitely check out Ahead.

The Verdict on Ahead

Hopefully, we’ve provided enough insider information for you to make an informed decision about trying Ahead.

In our experience, Ahead is a trustworthy company that provides excellent care with certified, well-trained care providers.

Most customers value the quality of care very highly. Moreover, their services are often covered by insurance, and they provide free shipping on all orders to help keep your cost down.

There’s no doubt that Ahead can be pricey—unfortunately, not everyone can afford their services. However, if you can somehow fit Ahead into your budget, we believe it’s completely worth a shot.

It’s convenient, easy, and effective. What else could you ask for?


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