Sample private labeled and cobranded cards

As you partner with us in offering free pharmacy discount cards, we know that your patients, partners, employees and colleagues trust you to offer helpful health-related information.

That’s why we provide you with the option of having your logo printed on your pharmacy cards. Here we have included samples to demonstrate that these cards are designed manufactured with the same high standards and professional quality that your patients, partners, and colleagues have come to expect from your services.


Finding a Partner in USA Rx

Our dedicated account managers will work closely with you throughout the design process to create a professional savings card that suits your organization’s image.  They will be your partner from establishing a relationship with USA Rx to understanding your goals, offering training and materials, to providing regular reporting and responsive service along the way. 

As soon as your custom discount pharmacy cards arrive, we will help guide you through the simple setup instructions so you can share the savings cards freely. 

Using the Custom Medication Savings Cards

Our card design includes all of the necessary information for the pharmacy to recognize our contracted savings rates in the USA Rx network.  They can save this card information right along any insurance information, or instead of it, so that the savings will be ready on the next visit.

The cards come pre-activated and ready to use right away. There are no fees, no waiting periods to obtain approval, no restrictions for pre-existing conditions, and no annual renewal needs. The prescription discount cards have no expiration date and can be used with all FDA-approved brand and generic prescription medications.

Nothing makes us happier than knowing that USA Rx pharmacy cards have helped people of all situations save on essential prescriptions. Our mission is to provide you with a savings card that can allow you and your family to improve your health and make the best choices when it comes to prescription medications.