Benefits of USA Rx card for organizations

How can the USA Rx pharmacy discount card benefit your organization? It saves you and your group members money on healthcare. Our pharmacy discount card can be a great asset to your members, regardless of the industry in which you serve.

How It Works

Who hasn’t stepped up to the pharmacy counter to pay for a prescription, and been shocked by the high price of a simple medication? With our USA Rx pharmacy discount card, you can save up to 75% on prescription medications. We will customize the cards with your company logo so you distribute private labeled savings cards to members of your organization or community members with whom you work.

Call our representatives today to discuss the benefits.  Our service team is ready to help establish your pharmacy savings card program with USA Rx, assist with training for you and your staff, distribute marketing materials and arrange delivery of custom cards.

When you team with USA Rx, we see it as a partnership in helping community members in need to get more affordable prescription medication.  Because we believe in our program, we will work closely with you through distribution and maintenance and provide regular support and reporting to you.

The Benefits of the USA Rx Pharmacy Discount Card for Your Organization

  • Your card will never expire so there’s no frustrating annual renewal process.
  • Talk with us about revenue opportunities.
  • Anyone can use the USA Rx pharmacy card: citizens and non-citizens, insured individuals and non-insured individuals. Cardholders can even share their card with friends who need to purchase a prescription. You only need one card for the whole family.
  • The card comes pre-activated so as soon as you pick it up, you can take it to a pharmacy and use it.
  • Individuals with pre-existing conditions can use the card!
  • You don’t have to qualify for the card and no paperwork is involved!
  • Become a partner to share in our benefits and distribute private labeled cards!
  • It’s 100% free for everyone!