Regardless of the industry in which you work or the organization to which you belong, you have probably experienced the frustrations associated with the high costs of healthcare, especially when you get to the pharmacy counter. All of us want to have good health, but sometimes it's challenging to afford everything that goes along with good health. We know that you work with all different kinds of people in varying social and economic classes, and that many of them could benefit from a prescription savings card.

Many groups can benefit from the USA Rx pharmacy card:

  • Non-profit organizations can offer the USA Rx pharmacy discount cards to groups or individuals with whom they work, especially those who may be low-income or disadvantaged to assist them in purchasing prescription medications.
  • Church congregations can benefit from the USA Rx pharmacy discount card.
  • Volunteers in any field.
  • Housing tenants.

We partner with community organizations to help us achieve our mission of helping those in need by providing discounts on prescription medication. Work with our responsive reps to get a custom designed card with your organization information. Contact us today and we will be glad to answer any questions, discuss how the card works, and help you organization get started with sharing the benefit of prescription savings.

We want to provide communities in America with a pharmacy savings card that will allow them to improve their health and make their lives better. More than 50 million Americans are uninsured and even more are underinsured or have significant gaps in their coverage. There has never been a greater need for the USA Rx pharmacy discount card.