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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to activate the discount?

These discounts are free and require no activation. Simply ask your Pharmacist when dropping off or picking up your prescriptions.

Does this work if I have insurance?

If you have insurance the Pharmacist will compare your copay or estimated cost vs the price with the discounted card price. If your prescription isn't covered by insurance, the discount card will often save you money.

How do you get these discounts?

Pharmacies charge different amounts of money for the same medication. We take this information and get discounts to help drive people to fill their prescriptions. Not only does the patient get their medication, but the pharmacy gets a customer.


If you fill more than one prescription per month, we recommend printing the USA Rx card.

Ask your Pharmacist to check for discounts on all your medications to start saving money today.

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USA Rx's prices are based on agreements between a pharmacy and a pharmacy benefit manager and reflect claims records as well as data provided by pharmacies. The prices shown may not match the exact price at the pharmacy as our data reflects recent transactions but does not update in real time. You can call the pharmacy directly to get an exact price. The best pharmacy will have friendly staff and free delivery on refills. Sign up with your email address.