Explanation of Program - USA Rx

It’s Simple

The USA Rx Discount Card program works in a simple, straightforward way. Individuals in search of prescription coupons or other prescription discounts sign up for the USA Rx discount card right from our site. After a card is generated for you, you are ready!  The card is absolutely free and can be printed and used immediately.

What is a pharmacy discount card?

The USA Rx Discount Pharmacy card is not insurance, and therefore doesn't have to restrict users based on health conditions or other situations. It works more like a coupon for prescription medications, but through a free, no-hassle process. 

With the USA Rx pharmacy discount card, individuals can take the card to one of the 60,000 participating pharmacies in the United States in order to receive discounted rates on the cost of their prescription medications. We get wholesale-priced discounts by negotiating with pharmaceutical benefits managers. Because of these agreements, anytime a cardholder brings a pharmacy discount card into a participating pharmacy, the authorized discount is automatically applied to that prescription and all future prescriptions at that pharmacy.

Incredible Savings on Prescription Medication

As many of our cardholders can attest, the USA Rx discount card can provide prescription deals that allow users to save anywhere from 10% to 75% on their prescription medications.

In order for this program to work, USA Rx has settled agreements with many of the top Pharmacy Benefits Managers in the United States.  Many health care providers and companies support our program because it allows patients to use medications as prescribed by their doctor and not as their budget might restrict.

Get Started

To start receiving premium prescription discounts, sign up here to Get Your Free Card. Then, fill out the simple form and print your card.  Anyone can start saving money at the pharmacy immediately.

Organizations, Health Providers, and Employers can contact us today!  We will help you offer the medication savings to your members and share the benefits we get from the pharmacy benefit companies with you.