Health Providers | USA Rx

Encourage a healthy lifestyle for your patients. With the USA Rx card, you can help them keep necessary medications within their budget.

Cost is the #1 reason patients don’t fill prescriptions. 

Give cards or coupons to your patients so they can save money when their insurance doesn’t cover the medication. We can also offer a more discounted price than copays on many medications! 

USA Rx is free for patients and free for your practice.

Everyone should ask if they can save money with USA Rx. The office staff often find value in our cards for themselves and then start handing them out to patients.

Get a free kit with discount cards you can hand to your patients. Your patients take the card to the pharmacy and ask if the discounted price will be lower than their copay or cash price. There’s no registration, just asking the pharmacist. We see practices saving their patients thousands of dollars, just by handing out the USA Rx card. 

Rarely can you give your patients a free product that can save your patients real money.

More than 50,000 practices across the United States have requested discount cards from USA Rx. Join them today!

To request a free kit or to learn more, please email [email protected].