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Employers can offer an exclusive supplemental healthcare benefit to all employees which can foster improved employee satisfaction, health, and loyalty.

Give Your Employees an easy way to save more money at the Pharmacy!

Even if you offer insurance your employees can still face high out of pocket expenses on their medications. More money spent on medications means your employees' cost of living is increasing. Our card helps bring that cost down! 

There’s a good chance your employees can save money with USA Rx coupons. You can give them a USA Rx discount card or direct them to www.USARx.com to save money on their prescriptions. 

Your employees are eligible and there’s no registration required. They simply take a pharmacy discount card to their pharmacist to see if they can save money compared to their insurance. 

This is a free program that can immediately save employees real money on medications at the pharmacies they frequent. 

Start today to immediately save your employees more money on their prescriptions

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