Our Editorial Process

Consumer Health Information in today's 2021 internet world can be confusing and misleading. It also can be down right false, scary, and just plain non-sense. We know and understand your pain when you google symptoms, medications and general health topics and are led into a deep rabbit hole on the internet of misinformation, fraud and scams, and potentially scary and not relevant diagnosis or outcomes. We want to change that. It’s our team's responsibility to make sure you actually understand what you’re reading. We work incredibly hard across all of our teams to break down health and medical language, highlight the most relevant and up to date research and reviews on health products and medications, and present the most accurate prescription pricing and accompanying discount information. 

We have an important mission with our health marketplace —to give you as many options for your medications as possible and provide you digestable, safe, accurate and trustworthy health and medical data. 

Here is how we do that. 

Health & Medical Authority Writers 

Our writers have experience and credentials in the medical and health industry. These writers are carefully vetted and hired for their medical knowledge and real-world experience, in addition to their ability to communicate heavy medical and health information in an easy, transparent, and unbiased way.  

USA Rx Medical Writing Team can be found here: Medical Writing Team

Medical Editorial and Review Team

Our medical editorial and review team checks all of our content. Each individual piece of content has a team of people working to make sure that it’s responsible, accurate, understandable, helpful, trustworthy, comprehensive, up-to-date, and inclusive. 

USA Rx Medical Editorial and Review Team can be found here: Medical Editorial and Reviewer Team

Health and Business Integrity Board

Our Health and Business Integrity Board—composed of health, medical and business professionals —help us to adhere to best practices both in terms of content and transparency for our consumer, but also internally for our operations of the business. They work tirelessly to provide the necessary critique that ensures our information is accurate and current.

USA Rx Health and Business Integrity Board can be found here: Health and Business Integrity

Our Editorial Process

Content is scheduled and produced by with the operational team and the medical writing team which includes board-certified physicians, credentialed pharmacists, and health and wellness professionals whose area of expertise aligns well with the topic. A Medical Reviewer and Editor will confirm that a piece of content is thoroughly vetted and maintains our standard of delivering health and medication information that is accurate, up-to-date, transparent and easily digestable. 

If improvements are suggested by the Medical Reviewers, Medical Editors, or the Health and Business Integrity team, they are conveyed with our writing and operational teams to be addressed and implemented. Our content is finalized and published ONLY when it touches every aspect of the below chart. 

How USA Rx Builds Content

Fact Check Certifications

In addition to the teams above, we also have several members of the operational and Medical Writing Teams that solely fact check articles and sources + references, a very important process with regards to content integrity and transparency. Fact checkers goal for each content review: accuracy, relevance, and timeliness. 

References, Sources, and Citations

Given the importance of the topic and how critical it is to get our content just right, we have a strict guideline of always citing our references and sources at the end of every piece of content. 

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