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The USA Rx team is focused on providing valuable medication savings. Many people are finding surprising amounts of cash still in their pockets after using the USA Rx Discount Pharmacy Card. If there is anything more we can do to answer your questions on getting these savings on prescription medication, please let us know.

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Feel free to reach out through our email form and our dedicated team will be right in touch within 24 hours. 

Using the USA Rx Discount Pharmacy Card

We want to give you an opportunity to get prescription savings if your drug coverage is falling short.  Start filling in your name and email to register then print your USA Rx card. With more than 60,000 participating locations, there are many pharmacies to choose from. Try our Pharmacy Finder tool to help locate one in your area. Take your prescription and USA Rx Discount Pharmacy Card and you can start saving up to 75% on the first visit. 

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If you have used the USA Rx Discount Pharmacy Card, tell us about what you are doing with the savings. Share your story through this page on our site or on our social pages. We want to hear about your best prescription savings yet.

The free USA Rx savings is available without all the hassle.

  • The USA Rx card is free
  • Prescription savings for everyone, regardless of pre-existing conditions
  • Participating pharmacies will automatically save your cardholder information after first use
  • Get it in less than 60 seconds
  • Get up to 75% discount
  • Use it at the most popular nationwide and local pharmacies
  • Use one card to get pharmacy savings for the whole family

Keep your health in balance and your budget.

Pharmacy costs can jump from month to month making some question even using their prescription. Customers are letting us know that they are more comfortable taking their prescription medication as directed by their physicians because of the USA Rx savings card. This prescription medication savings program can be used as often as you want and are easy to share with family members.

Please do not not to submit confidential or sensitive information such as medical information, refill requests, social security numbers, or credit card numbers, as the page is not built with that security.  

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