Why People Question The Legitimacy Of Pharmacy Discount Cards

Published April 16th, 2015 by USA Rx
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Chris Riley

Why People Question The Legitimacy Of Pharmacy Discount CardsThe advent of the USA Rx pharmacy discount card (and many other prescription savings cards) arose out of the need to save individuals money on their prescription medications when they did not have health insurance or a prescription drug plan. With our card, you can realize savings of up to 75% on many medications just about anywhere in the United States. It is now honored in over 60,000 pharmacies nationwide and best of all, it’s absolutely FREE! So you’re probably wondering why the legitimacy of our card is being questioned.

If you’re one of those unlucky individuals who do not have healthcare insurance and prescription drug coverage, you should consider getting one of our pharmacy discount cards. In fact, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain by using it since there is no cost involved. We also know that deciding on a card could be challenging since there are so many available to choose from. It is true that some cards save you a lot of money on some drugs but not on others. However, the overall savings that you can realize is hard to beat.

Here’s an example. If you are currently taking maintenance or preventative medications, you might want to obtain a few different cards in order to benefit the most from these plans. If you spend the time researching our card, you will notice that there is a huge list of meds that your discounts will apply to, depending on the type of drugs they are. Additionally, it is well documented that FREE medication assistance cards oftentimes save you more money than those that you have to pay for.

Just so you know, USA Rx spends countless hours researching available discounts, current medication prices, and savings tips from pharmacies nationwide. We gather all of this information in order to show you how much money you could save on your medications and whether or not you should consider changing to those pharmacies that honor our card. Most importantly, pharmacy discount cards have been recommended by a number of healthcare organizations and physicians as well as several of the major TV networks.

Rest assured, if the USA Rx pharmacy discount card was not legitimate, then why would we be giving it away at no charge to consumers? If you would like more information regarding our pharmacy savings card, we encourage you to contact us by visiting our website today.

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