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Published May 9th, 2017 by USA Rx
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Prescription drug prices have risen double over the last decade and are predicted to continue to increase. With the high prices of pharmaceuticals, coupled with coverage gaps from insurance and Medicare part D, consumers are now looking for alternative ways to afford their prescription drugs. One option that is growing in popularity is pharmacy discount cards. However, like with all programs, not all pharmacy discount cards are legitimate. So it is important when choosing a pharmacy discount card you do your research and find a great option like USA Rx pharmacy discount card.

How To Select A Pharmacy Discount Card

Deciding what pharmacy discount card to choose can be a bit daunting. However, there are some basic rules to follow:

  1. Never pay for a pharmacy discount card. A good company will not require enrollment, annual, or monthly fees to help you access the discounts.
  2. Never sign up for a card that requires your personal medical information. This information is protected by HIPAA laws and no legitimate pharmacy discount card will ask you for this information.
  3. Pick one that covers your entire family so you can save on your household prescription costs.
  4. Find one that works in your local area and at your preferred pharmacies. Not all pharmacy discount cards work in every state.

Why Choose USA Rx Pharmacy Discount Card

USA Rx pharmacy discount cards meet all the criteria. There are no associated fees, you simply sign up for the program and begin using the card immediately. The card works for not just you but your entire family and will not ever deny you membership because of pre-existing conditions. USA Rx will also never ask about your medical history and will keep any prescription information completely private. The USA Rx pharmacy discount card works on all FDA-approved medications including name brands and generics. Finally, the USA Rx pharmacy discount card works in all 50 states at over 60,000 pharmacies so you can use it no matter where you are.

How USA Rx Pharmacy Discount Card Works

The USA Rx pharmacy discount card works by negotiating bulk prices with drug companies, manufacturers, and pharmacies. By grouping our members together in bulk, USA Rx can help get lower prices. USA Rx also negotiates lower prices on popular prescriptions, overstocks, and generic options. The USA Rx pharmacy card also works with employers, nonprofits, and other organizations to help get discount rates on large groups. With these negotiations, the USA Rx pharmacy discount card can save anywhere from 10-75% on prescription prices depending on the pharmaceuticals. So if you are looking for an alternative to combat the rising costs of prescription prices, consider the USA Rx pharmacy discount card to help save you big no matter what your needs.

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