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Who Will Be Affected by the Affordable Care Act?

Here’s everything you need to know

So, what is the Affordable Care Act, anyways? We always hear the latest about the law in the news cycle and overhear controversial debate from folks who are (either) extremely pro or anti-Affordable Care Act, aka ‘Obamacare’. 

Most people just want to know: “how does the affordable care act affect me?” and what their options are moving forward. People also want to see if there are any smart ways that they can save money: healthcare costs always seem to be rising! 

Isn’t there a resource that informs us about Obamacare, helps us to understand the effects of the Affordable Care on our lives, and gives us some general tips on how to save money on healthcare costs? Yes – and luckily – you’ve found the perfect place. Think of this article as your ‘Affordable Care Act 101’ guide. 

We’ll tell you how to navigate Obamacare and how to save serious money on your healthcare costs. Lifehacks do exist – and this is where we can help! Let’s see who will be affected by the affordable care act, and what you need to know:

Signed into law by President Obama in 2010, the Affordable Care Act (ACA) was a significant health care reform law with 3 main objectives: 

  • Make health insurance affordable to a greater number of Americans. It does this by offering federal subsidies to help lower the cost of healthcare for households who are near the federal poverty level.
  • Assist medical care delivery methods that help lower the cost of health care.
  • Expanded Medicaid coverage programs to help cover low income adults who are close to the federal poverty level.  

At the end of the day, ACA aimed to reduce the number of Americans who don’t have health insurance. Overall, it’s quite simple to sign on: you must live in the United States and be a U.S. citizen or be lawfully living in the USA. Also, you aren’t eligible for the health coverage if you are incarcerated. We’re sorry to disappoint our incarcerated readership – but read on, as we have some solid tips for when you get out!

The Pros and the Cons

There are certain positive factors about the ACA that have helped people save money. Not to mention, many people have used Obamacare to gain insurance coverage. Indeed, there are aspects of the ACA that have benefited Americans since the act was signed.

Many people have benefited from new laws that mandate guaranteed coverage for people with pre-existing conditions. Other people have enjoyed that children or young adults can now stay on their parents’ health insurance plans until the age of 26. The ACA has also included laws to make preventative health care more accessible while making sure that people get medical attention prior to a visit to the emergency room!

If you’re interested in finding out more, read our Affordable Care Act: Pros and Cons article for additional information. 

You’ll need to answer basic questions: how many people in your household, which state you reside in, and your estimated income for the upcoming year. The tool offers a high-level view of income levels that qualify for savings and where you fall in that category. Specific individuals might qualify at different levels depending upon your situation. You’ll identify your exact savings and plan prices when you complete a Marketplace application. 

What does the Affordable Care Act Cover? With all said, there are still some big gaps when it comes to ACA coverage, and many people are falling in between the cracks to receive access to care. As an example, ACA requires employers to provide health insurance for all full-time employees which has led to some employers shifting their employees to work less than 30 hours per week to classify them as temporary (non-full time) workers.

On top of this, there are still almost 28 million non-insured (non-elderly) Americans as of 2018. Think about that for a second – that’s more than the population of Australia! After all, nobody is guaranteed a “G’day” without access to proper healthcare. But we digress: many non-insured Americans are still prohibited by the cost of health insurance, even though the ACA is designed to meet this crucial need. 

Despite your individual situation, there are many possible effects of the ACA on Americans (regardless of whether they have healthcare insurance or not). And despite how the ACA has led to more people getting health insurance since 2010, many people are still being stifled by the cost of health plans and preventive care.

Which leads us to our potential lifehack: there are exciting new ways that you can save money on your healthcare and essential health benefits.

It’s called a coupon card. 

No – we’re not talking about helping Grandma cut coupons for discounts on laundry detergent. Although those are good memories. We’re talking about saving serious money on your healthcare costs. Let’s find out more. 

How to Save Serious Money on Healthcare Costs

Here’s the surprising thing: whether you are happy with your healthcare plan, currently use Obamacare, or are uninsured – we can save you money on your out-of-pocket expenses.


It’s simple: USA Rx offers a coupon or discount card that can lower the cost of your prescription medication by up to 75%! 

That’s why we can help almost everybody save money. Your insurance might not cover every medication you fill, or you might have a co-pay that is actually higher than our discounts. 

All you need to do is give the USA Rx coupon or discount card to your pharmacist and ask them if you can save money on your prescriptions. If you have more than 1 prescription, you can download our pharmacy discount card that can be used on all FDA approved Medications. 

It’s a great deal whether you are insured or uninsured. If you’re curious whether your prescription has discounts, search by your medication name on the USA Rx website to find out. Once you find coupons on our website, you just need to print, text, or email the coupon and take it to the pharmacy. 

On top of this, you’ll find out if the coupon will give you a lower price and beat your copay. You’d be surprised at how much this happens. Drug prices vary by pharmacy location, so USA Rx searches for the lowest pharmacy discounts to find where you can get the best deals. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a brand or generic medication – it’s always worth checking if there is a USA Rx discount. 

To make it easy – we created a mobile app that helps you search for, view, and compare prescription drug prices by location in your neighborhood. Our coupons are accepted by virtually every major pharmacy and retailer in the United States. 

Whether You’re Affected by the ACA or Not: There Are Smarter Ways to Save

As we’ve seen, the ACA has had a big impact on healthcare in the United States. Whether your experience has been positive or negative, we believe it’s always worth finding silver linings. In this case, saving serious money on prescriptions is should be a solid tool in your healthcare arsenal. 

It’s also simply about being a smart consumer and taking advantage of your resources. And that’s what is surprising about the USA Rx coupon system. Whether you already have a great healthcare plan, are an Obamacare user, are a part-time worker, or are one of the many uninsured Americans – the USA Rx coupons and coupon cards can save you ongoing money on your prescriptions. Because over time – the money adds up. 

You can get a Rx discount card for free by providing your name and email address. You’ll just need to print it and take the card with you anytime that you fill a prescription. Considering that we regularly see Rx coupon users saving up to 75% on their prescription medications, cost savings can quickly add up if you’re frequently saving $70-80 per medication. Remember, it’s an even better idea to download the USA Rx app to compare prices between your local pharmacies and big box retailers. 

Whether you’re affected by the ACA or not – it’s always a great goal to be a savvy consumer and save money where you can. We hope you’ve found the information in this article useful and it leads you to choosing a healthcare plan that works for you, or even leads you towards saving some solid money on your prescription costs. Good luck!

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