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Published September 2nd, 2019 by USA Rx
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WhereToGetFreePharmacyDiscountCardAny American that needs to get a prescription for much-needed medication knows that while this may be a necessity, it can also be an expensive one. And the issue only becomes much more challenging if that prescription isn’t temporary, but is required for a lifelong condition with no cure, such as diabetes or asthma.

Of course, while it may be necessary to pay for these prescriptions that doesn’t mean everyone wants to pay full price, even with insurance, some coverage has co-pay policies that can incur high costs. This is where a pharmacy discount card can come in, lowering the final purchasing cost of a prescription when it is presented. But where can you get a free pharmacy discount card from?

Check Your City & State

Depending on where you live, there may be organizations operating at the municipal or state level that offer a free pharmacy discount card to residents. There may be certain conditions attached to this that you must qualify for. For example, some state or city discount cards may be aimed at low-income families, especially to help with medications for children. Others may be aimed at seniors that must budget their pensions carefully.

Research these options and see what, if any qualifying factors are required to receive such a card. If you meet them, then apply. Be careful to ensure that the discounts apply to your medicine of interest, and see if there are any limitations on which pharmacies will honor the discount.

Look At National Offers

WhereToGetFreePharmacyDiscountCardThere are also nationwide groups that offer a free pharmacy discount card, so you should keep your options open when looking at them. One of them, the USA Rx website, is available to anyone that is a resident of all 50 states. This card is free, has no subscription or payment requirements, and does not need you to be affiliated with any medical insurance plan. Because it’s a nationwide free pharmacy discount card, that means the card is recognized and honored at over 60000 different pharmacies across the entire USA, including Hawaii and Alaska, from large retail pharmacies to smaller businesses. The discounts have a broad range, from 10% up to 75% for certain medications, meaning the savings can be significant.

Always remember that getting a free pharmacy discount card is a matter of diligence. They are out there, not hidden, but they do require a willingness to do some research since they are not heavily promoted. When you find them, take advantage of them!

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