Where To Get A Prescription Drug Card

Published December 31st, 2019 by USA Rx
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WhereToGetAPrescriptionDrugCardMedication can be expensive if you’re taking it when you’re sick, but what if you need it all the time? This is the financial dilemma many Americans face when they have a long term medical situation, like a heart condition, asthma or diabetes that means needing to have enough money to buy medicine for a lifetime. One way to help ease the financial burden of this spending is to get a prescription drug card. It’s a discount card that can be presented to a pharmacist and, if that pharmacist is affiliated with the program the card is part of, you’ll get a price reduction before paying for meds. But if that sounds like a good idea to you, where can you get one of these cards?

From your Doctor

WhereToGetAPrescriptionDrugCardPharmaceutical countries will often give medical professionals coupons that can be applied to new medications. In the past, this was one of the few ways to get discounts on prescription medication, and it’s still a practice at work today. The next time you visit your family doctor or another medical professional, ask about the availability of these coupons. There may be a prescription drug card available for the medication that you need, and this is a good way see what kind of savings you can make.

From Retailers

One of the more common ways to get a prescription drug card is to sign up for one that is issued by a big retail or pharmaceutical franchise. Walmart has pharmacies within some of its outlets now, so they have a discount card that applies only to medication bought within Walmart outlets. The same is true for the pharmacy chain Walgreens, which has a similar discount card applicable only to Walgreens pharmacies.

From The Government

Depending on where you live, and what your income level is, you may qualify for a prescription drug card that is issued by your state or municipal government as a form of financial assistance. These cards, however, are entirely dependent on the area of residence and declared income.


For more options that apply to a range of different pharmacy outlets, big and small, you can try researching online and look at other cards. Some discount cards apply to a huge range of different outlets, from big stores like Target to individually owned and operated pharmacies. Sometimes these cards are even free and can be printed out or even used by presenting your phone with a photo, screenshot or other digital images.

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