When It Comes To Health Insurance, Rising Costs Are The Biggest News

Published December 30th, 2014 by USA Rx
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Chris Riley

When It Comes To Health Insurance, Rising Costs Are The Biggest NewsAs we move into the second year of healthcare reform under the Affordable Care Act, healthcare premiums are rising steadily throughout the United States. Some of the sharpest increases are felt by those who are least able to afford coverage, in states where Medicaid has not been expanded.

Experts have estimated that, in 2014, insurance premiums have risen by as much as 78% for some people. This is in addition to a relatively smaller increase that is expected to be seen across the board in 2015.

Over the next several years, experts have predicted that premiums will continue to rise in many states. Although there are a few states where premiums have largely gone down, the overall trend is for a balancing act that comes with the new requirements to cover pre-existing conditions.

This leaves Americans with a choice: Seek out minimum “bronze plan” health insurance that may be more affordable or brave the penalties, also set to increase, for not having any insurance.


Medication Users Are Weathering The Largest Overall Increase In Costs

While the majority of Americans use at least one prescription medication on a regular basis, they also stand to be the ones who are dealing with the sharpest increases in costs.

People of all backgrounds and walks of life typically sought out generic medications in order to control their costs. However, the cost of generic medication has risen significantly throughout 2014, putting many of them on par with their “brand name” alternatives.

Luckily, there are alternative market options for medication users to seek out.


Weather The Storm Of Rising Health Insurance Costs With A USA Rx Pharmacy Discount Card

Healthcare costs are set to rise substantially throughout the U.S. in the coming year, with people who may be worst positioned to afford the increase tending to be hardest hit.

That being the case, it’s a good idea to re-evaluate health insurance options on the exchange this month -- January 1 coverage has to be selected by December 15, but a final decision can be made up until February while still avoiding penalties.

Although many healthcare costs are fixed, the USA Rx pharmacy discount card can help you to reduce what is consistently the largest cost category within that spectrum. It can help you no matter if you are uninsured, facing high premiums, or even a business owner.

To find out more, we urge you to call or email us right now.

Published December 30th, 2014 by USA Rx
Fact Checked by
Chris Riley

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