When Costs Get In The Way Of Lives

Published August 19th, 2014 by USA Rx
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Chris Riley

Modern medicine can, to put it bluntly, work miracles. Thanks to medical breakthroughs, many diseases that were once killers have been brought under control. Diseases like hepatitis C or even HIV are now no longer the death sentence they once were thanks to drugs that can control these diseases to some degree.

However, the big problem now is that despite those drugs being available, they're not always easily accessible. High costs mean that for many, the medication needed to keep them alive is something that is difficult to pay for. For instance, a new drug developed for the treatment of hepatitis C known as Sovaldi costs about $1,000 per pill. The average person has to pay a total of $84,000 to complete treatment. Ongoing costs of HIV medication aren't much better, and over time can cost a small fortune.

So what can we do to change this? Insurance is one option, and thanks to Obamacare it's not much easier for Americans to qualify for health insurance even when they have pre-existing conditions – the law states that nobody can be turned down for health insurance due to health problems. However, that doesn't mean that all medications will be covered or that they'll even be treatable.

In the past, many Americans have had to decide between their medication and other aspects of their lives – food or electricity, to name just two examples. And in some instances, people have actually had to grow sicker over time simply because they couldn't afford their medication. While insurance can help, there are other options worth looking into as well.

One is to utilize a pharmacy discount card like the USA RX card. By presenting this card to your pharmacist, you could experience a reduction in costs of medication. It isn't always the case, and in some instances the discount will only be 10% or so, but in many other instances costs could be slashed by as much as 75%.

Since the USA RX card isn't' insurance, you don't have to qualify for it or meet any requirements. It can often be a supplemental part of a good insurance plan or can be used by those without insurance to help offset the costs of medications.

If you're struggling to pay for any kind of prescription drug, consider contacting us or filling out the form to receive your totally free USA RX card. It could make a big difference in your life.

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