What’s The Big News In Health Insurance? Employees Value Benefits More Than Ever

Published January 6th, 2015 by USA Rx
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What’s The Big News In Health Insurance? Employees Value Benefits More Than EverIn many states throughout the United States, people are eyeing their rising insurance premiums with palpable dread. As the country enjoys the best job numbers in over a decade, employees are looking for companies that can help them with insurance costs.

Employees with strong health insurance coverage have always had an advantage over those who needed to seek their own insurance coverage for whatever reason. However, over time, the total number of employers who have offered good coverage has atrophied.

Nowadays, supplemental benefits are available for both small and mid-sized businesses. That can make smaller businesses more competitive with their larger rivals when it comes to hiring out the best talent -- a key factor as U.S. job numbers are the best they’ve been in years.


Employees Are Considering Benefits Closely As Part Of Their Compensation Package

It was not that long ago when most people were mostly focused on their “bottom line” take home pay as the main deciding factor in whether or not compensation was adequate. However, with all the complexity in healthcare these days, that is no longer the case.

The best personnel are scrutinizing benefits to understand the extend of coverage that they can enjoy. Having sufficient healthcare benefits serves to raise “take home” pay on its own, as the employee can avoid the penalties associated with the Affordable Care Act.

However, complete health insurance coverage is not the only option. A strong, supplemental benefit such as a USA Rx pharmacy discount card can be enticing and fit into a wide range of corporate budgets. That makes a great difference in hiring.


With The USA Rx Pharmacy Discount Card, Benefits Are Within Reach Of Your Enterprise

It might seem as if valuable healthcare benefits would be difficult for your company to acquire and might represent a significant cost to you. However, there is one option that fits well into the benefits plan of any company, whether small, mid-sized, or multinational.

The USA Rx pharmacy discount card is a great way to amplify the benefits available to your enterprise and give employees an extra way to see that you truly care about their well-being.

USA Rx pharmacy discount cards offer discounts up to 75% on common medications.

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