What’s The Best Discount Prescription Drug Card For You?

Published January 15th, 2020 by USA Rx
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Chris Riley

What’sTheBestDiscountPrescriptionDrugCardForYou?Most people can tolerate the expense of prescription medication because it’s temporary. It may be pricey, but they only need to buy it until they recover, and then the extra expenditure ends. But some people, with chronic, life-long conditions don’t have that end in sight. They have to pay for expensive medication for the rest of their lives, and, over the years—or even decades in the case of children—that expense adds up.

One way to help ease the spending is to pay less by using a discount card, but what is this, and what is the best discount prescription card?

What It Is

What’sTheBestDiscountPrescriptionDrugCardForYou?A discount prescription card is a document that you present to a pharmacist just before you make your purchase for medication and pay for it. If the pharmacist sees the card and is an affiliate with the program that the card is a part of, then they will honor the card and reduce the price you pay on the medication according to whatever agreement is in place with that affiliate program.

Depending on the medication, and the program, discounts can be anywhere from 10% to over 75% off. So getting a discount prescription card and using it may be a huge help in making some savings on a purchase that will need to be regularly made.

Making The Right Choice

There are, however, many different discount cards available to people to choose from. Picking out the best discount prescription drug card is going to be a different choice for different people depending on circumstance. If the only pharmacy you want to buy medication from is Walgreens, for example, then Walgreens' own discount card may be right for you. If you buy your medication primarily at Walmart, then the Walmart card may be a better choice.

For others, however, a better choice may be to go with a general discount card that applies to more than just one specific retailer. The USA Rx website, for example, offers a discount card that is recognized in all 50 states, at over 60,000 outlets, including big chains like Target, and smaller, independently owned and operated pharmacies. The card itself is free, unlike the Walgreens card, which requires an annual membership fee, and you can either print out the card yourself or keep the image ready on your phone to present to the pharmacist when it’s time to make a purchase. So the best discount prescription drug card is going to depend on what your medication and personal circumstances are.

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