What’s All The Buzz About These New Hepatitis C Treatment Drugs?

Published June 30th, 2015 by USA Rx
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Chris Riley

What’s All The Buzz About These New Hepatitis C Treatment Drugs?The increased attention that the pharmaceutical industry has placed on HCV or the Hepatitis C virus may eventually lead to a reduction of the burden that is associated with this infectious disease. Indeed, the scope of this issue now encompasses a combination of medications that are in the clinical development stage. As a result, the medical industry has been anticipating some significant advances for the treatment of this disease from 2015 forward. Furthermore, that progress is moving at a rapid pace.

According to HealthDay reporter Amy Norton in an article published in HealthDay News, these new Hepatitis C medications currently in development promise a successful cure rate of 90% or higher. Unfortunately, the price tag attached to them could be cost-prohibitive for private and public health insurance providers alike. However, the prescription drugs that have been introduced to this point are now considered the type of breakthroughs that could eventually make this infectious liver disease a rarity here in the US.

But with prices exceeding a per pill cost of $1,000, government and private insurance companies are strongly objecting and are oftentimes placing limits or restrictions as to which patients will be qualified to take these medications. In the March 16th, 2015 issue of the Annals of Internal Medicine, two research studies concluded that treating Hepatitis C with these new drugs can be very cost-effective for the individual patient based on their efficacy. The conclusion is taking into account how physicians and scientists have calculated the additional years of improved health and the better quality of life that they will enjoy.

You’re probably saying to yourself “So tell me the bad news.” One recent research study has implied that private insurers and state governments will likely spend an additions $65 billion between now and 2020 in order to see that every eligible American can get these drugs. But that $65 billion is not going to be offset by the approximate $16 billion that is saved by not having to treat as many Americans with these medications. One of the biggest arguments favoring these different medications is that it will save money.

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