What Phentermine Does & How To Get Coupons For It

Published November 14th, 2019 by USA Rx
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Chris Riley
Updated Date: Jul 1st, 2022

Weight management is often one of the biggest “ongoing battles” that Americans face, but the USA isn’t alone in this.

Many countries in the first world all struggle with the same challenge. When food is abundant, people often eat more than they need to, and as a result, where food is plentiful, there’s a higher proportion of people who are overweight, because they can eat whenever they desire.

Unfortunately, being overweight isn’t simply a factual statement that someone weighs more than the average for a person of that age.

Being overweight can also have negative health implications as the body works less efficiently, and is often prone to physical stresses and symptoms that someone closer to average or ideal weight doesn’t experience.

In some cases, the amount a person is overweight is large enough that a person is a real health risk.

When this happens, there is sometimes more focused on medical intervention to regulate weight loss safely. One of the ways to do this is through the use of a medication known as phentermine. But what is it, and how can coupons help?

Weight Loss Medication

Phentermine is the technical, less well-known term for a medication that is often branded as “Adipex” or “Adipex-P” where the “P” stands for phentermine. Phentermine falls into a class of medication known as stimulants because it tends to increase the activity of the body.

Phentermine Hcl operates with three important effects.

Two of them, as expected from a stimulant, put the body into a higher level of readiness.

Both the heart rate and the blood pressure go up when phentermine is consumed.

This increase in vitals isn’t to dangerous levels, but it is enough that should any heavy physical activity be undertaken, the body is now ready for it, with an elevated transfer of oxygen to all parts of the anatomy.

Perhaps more important than prepping the body for physical activity is phentermine’s third effect, and that is suppression of the appetite reflex.

This is effective at reducing the “munchies” that would otherwise encourage people to snack between meals. It can also reduce the amount people eat at mealtimes, all of which can be very important when combined with exercise.

Phentermine can also be prescribed in other medical situations. Some people with diabetes, for example, suffer from lower than average blood pressure and heart rates that can put them at some health risk.

Phentermine can remedy this situation, getting patients up to much healthier heart rate and blood pressure levels.

Phentermine, however, is not quite in the same league as amphetamines.

While both are classed as stimulants, and can even suppress appetite, amphetamines have additional properties that make them suitable for neurological treatment as well. ADHD and narcolepsy, for example, respond to amphetamines, but not necessarily phentermine.

Doing The Math

Weight loss is largely about balancing the mathematics of calories.

The human body requires a certain amount of calories to operate throughout the day.

The average American woman, for example, is recommended to consume 2000 calories in 24 hours.

If a person consumes more than the required daily intake of calories, that excess energy doesn’t go to waste.

Instead, it is stored by the body as an auxiliary reserve, in the form of fat. In other words, when we eat more than we need, the excess becomes fat.

Conversely, if we consume less than we need, or we perform activities that burn up a higher amount of calories than what we consume that day, then the body, in an attempt to “make up the difference” goes to the reserves and burns up fat.

The use of phentermine means that people who exercise with elevated blood pressure and heart rate, then control their eating thanks to the appetite suppression stand a much better chance of burning through those fat reserves. In this way, weight is lost.

Going Generic

Phentermine is a prescription medication, so you can’t just pick it up off the shelf the way you would cold medicine or aid to indigestion.

However, as with off-the-shelf products, you have a choice about what phentermine you buy and how much you pay for it.

For example, the more popular brand name, Adipex, is widely recognized but is also the more expensive alternative.

If, however, you are willing to buy generic phentermine, rather than the popular brand name, you can often get some significant savings.

It’s the same situation as choosing to buy branded Tylenol at full price, or a generic, house-brand of acetaminophen, which is the same formulation, at a lower price, sacrificing the recognizable packaging and brand name for lower prices.

Saving With Coupons

Another way that people can save if they have a phentermine prescription is to apply coupons when purchasing.

Coupons aren’t just certificates that people get in the mail for household products at the grocery store; there are even coupons available for pharmaceuticals.

There are a few ways that these coupons can be secured. You can always try asking your doctor if there are any phentermine coupons available.

As a promotional practice, many doctors receive coupons from different pharmaceutical companies, to encourage patients to try out different products.

Doctors get so many offers for coupons that they sometimes forget they even have them, so try asking your doctor if there are any available to try out.

Another way to get coupons is through the use of a permanent coupon/discount card.

There many different options available for this.

Sometimes it requires membership in an organization or paying a subscription or service fee to gain access to the card.

Other times, however, the card or coupons that apply the discount are available for free.

If you’re interested in taking advantage of this, try an option like this instead.

Go online and take advantage of the digital coupons that can carry on your phone, so you enjoy the convenience of a card that’s always available, and ready to bring you savings when you need it.