What Makes The Best Prescription Drug Discount Card?

Published February 25th, 2020 by USA Rx
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WhatMakesTheBestPrescriptionDrugDiscountCardA prescription drug discount card can solve a major problem for many Americans today. As many as 1 in 4 Americans admit to struggling to pay for their prescription medications, and as many as 1 in 10 Americans admit to finding it extremely difficult to pay for the medications they need. Even those who are fully insured may still find paying for the medications they need nearly impossible. Prescription drug discount card programs are a solution to this need, helping these very same Americans to save between 10% and 75% on the medications they need every day. I

t's important to note that prescription drug discount card programs are not insurance, and they don’t take away the full cost of your prescriptions. You will still be required to pay out of pocket for your prescriptions, but you’ll be paying a discounted rate. For instance, if your prescription is typically priced at $100, your discount may drop this price down to $40 with a discount of 60%. For those who have a $50 copay, using your prescription drug discount card instead of your insurance could be a better financial option. Those who are uninsured may find that using prescription drug discount card programs finally allows them to afford the medications they never could before.

There are a number of factors that make the best prescription drug discount card the very best, and some of these are:

WhatMakesTheBestPrescriptionDrugDiscountCard• A card for everyone – A prescription drug discount card that only works for some isn’t a card that can consider itself the best. The best prescription drug discount card works for everyone, whether you’re uninsured, underinsured, or fully insured, and it doesn’t discriminate based on pre-existing conditions. This allows any American to get the discounts he or she needs for their medications.

• A card when you need it – The best prescription drug discount card is there when you need it and can get you your discounts straight away. You can simply print it out with no long pre-qualification process, and it’s ready to use when you bring it to your pharmacist. Our prescription drug discount card is always ready for use when you need it, all you need to do is bring it to your local pharmacy.

• Widely accepted – A prescription drug discount card cannot be called the best if it’s not widely accepted. When a card is only accepted in a few select locations, you’re forced to go far out of your way to get your discount or go without one at all. In some locations, you may not even be able to find a local participating pharmacy at all. Our prescription drug discount card is accepted at over 60,000 pharmacies all across the United States, covering all major chains like Rite Aid, Walgreens, and CVS as well as others.

• The convenient card – Usage of your card should be convenient, not just where you’re able to take it. A card that can be used for the entire family, a card that can be remembered by your pharmacist to allow your discounts to come out automatically, and a card you can print and reprint as needed is the best prescription drug discount card you can ask for.

• Digital capabilities – In today’s modern age, very few individuals are carrying around pieces of paper or physical cards anymore. Everything from automobile insurance cards to loyalty program cards are kept on your mobile device, and the best prescription drug discount card is no different. With full digital capabilities coming through an easy to use app, you always have your card on your person, and you can always find a qualifying pharmacy when you need it.

What You Need To Know About Your Card

You may know you have the best prescription drug discount card, but just how much do you know about your prescription drug discount card? Your card is easy to use, it comes along with significant prescription drug discounts, and it can be used by anyone. A common question that revolves around your prescription drug discount card has to do with what drugs have discounts attached. Any drug that is FDA approved, whether name brand or generic, will be eligible for discounts through your best prescription drug discount card. This covers the vast majority of prescriptions used in the United States.

Another common question has to do with the discounts you receive. Your prescription drug discounts can range from 10% to 75%, and it all depends on the drugs you’re being prescribed. Typically, the discounts you receive on a particular medication from one pharmacy will be the same across the board, making prices very similar no matter where you choose to go. This adds to the convenience factor, allowing you to go to the pharmacy that doesn’t take you away from the rest of your day.

Discounts may change with your prescription drug discount card, and these can go up or down depending on the coupons and the discounts available. While you may have received 25% off this prescription refill, your next refill could be 20 or 30%. Even if the discount goes up or goes down, you’re still not paying full price. For those who have health insurance that covers prescription drug costs with a co-pay, you may decide to take the discount from your discount card for one re-fill if it lowers your price more than your co-pay, and skip the discount for the next re-fill if your co-pay is less than what the discount is offering. You have complete freedom with the best prescription drug discount card.

One cannot expect complete wellness without listening to their doctor’s orders, and one cannot follow their doctor’s orders if they’re unable to afford their prescription medications. The best prescription drug discount card makes your prescriptions accessible, and keeps your health and wellness always within reach. All that is required to get started is to print out your card, take it to your pharmacy, and begin saving on the medications you need.

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