What Is The Future Of Health Care And Prescription Drugs?

Published June 6th, 2017 by USA Rx
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Chris Riley

What Is The Future Of Health Care And Prescription Drugs?The federal law on health care is currently going through a very uncertain period. The House of Representatives has passed the American Health Care Act in an attempt to overturn the Affordable Care Act, also known as Obamacare. However, many of the provisions are very unpopular, such as the one that would let states opt out of the restriction against changing rates based on preexisting conditions. In fact, the Senate has promised to create their own health care bill, so it may take months even if nothing else happens to complicate the situation.

As far as lowering prescription drug costs goes, it’s a goal that both parties can agree on but which both parties seem to have trouble acting on. Recently, Senator Bernie Sanders has created a bill that would allow Americans to import some of their prescription drugs from Canada, where the same pills are often sold at a fraction of the list price set in America. The bill would also attempt to remove some of the ways pharmaceutical companies can increase their prices without any consequences.

For the moment, the only thing most Americans can do is watch as lawmakers debate and vote on bills and acts. Despite passing the House in record time, the AHCA seems like it’s still very much in the early stages and will face some major changes before everything is said and done. It’s hard to predict what will happen to the bill in the future or what changes will come based on the situation in Washington right now, but it’s still important to keep track of the changes as they happen and as they are eventually implemented.

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