What Can A Prescription Drugs Discount Card Do For You?

Published December 24th, 2019 by USA Rx
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WhatCanAPrescriptionDrugsDiscountCardDoForYou?Few Americans get through life without having a prescription for medication given to them by a doctor at some point. However, most of the time, even if the medicine is expensive, the actual effect on finances isn’t that big, because the use of the medicine is limited, and once recovery has occurred, there’s no need to buy more.

But for some people, that’s not what happens. They need medicine regularly, maybe even for a lifetime, and when that happens, especially with expensive medicine, the costs can have a huge impact on finances. This is where a prescriptions drugs discount card can help.

Who Needs It?

WhatCanAPrescriptionDrugsDiscountCardDoForYou?Anyone that has been diagnosed with a permanent medical condition and is advised to take medication for it now faces a lifetime of added expense. For adults diagnosed with a heart condition, this may mean years of extra spending on medication.

But for families where diagnosis occurs for a child, such as diabetes or asthma, this means decades of reliance on being able to buy refills for prescription medication. If the medicine is comparatively inexpensive, this still adds up over decades. If the price is significant, this can be a huge blow to family planning for finances.

How The Card Helps

A prescription drugs discount card is a solution for people that want cheaper pricing on their medication, who may not have or want a comprehensive health insurance policy with co-pay benefits. As the name implies, the function of these cards is simple. If you present a prescription drugs discount card to a pharmacist before making a purchase, then, if that pharmacist is an affiliate with the program the card represents, you’ll get a lower price on the medication when you pay.

The discounts aren’t “flat,” in the sense that a card will give you 50% for every drug available, for example. Some medications may only get a discount in the single digits, while others may be as high as 75% off.

Getting One

There are a few ways to get a prescriptions drugs discount card if you’re interested in one. Bigger retailers such as Walmart or Walgreens have their own cards, limited to use at the respective outlet. However, if you’re willing to do research online for other cards, you may find discount cards with a range of discounts that are recognized at many stores, including large chains like Target, and smaller independently owned and operated pharmacies across the entire country, including Hawaii and Alaska. All you have to do is put in some effort to research which options work best for your prescription needs.

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