USA Rx, What You See Is What You Get

Published January 5th, 2017 by USA Rx
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Chris Riley

USA Rx, What You See Is What You GetAs you cruise the Internet, you are bombarded with offers that sound great, but then when you read the fine print, they are not so great after all. Usually there is a catch somewhere. A typical ploy is free sign-up for a service or a site, but once you have put in all your information it turns out that to do anything useful with the service, you need to upgrade to premium, meaning you need to pay. USA Rx is different. What you see is exactly what you get. The sign-up is simple, it is free and that is it. No premium, no upgrades, no hidden tricks.

What We Offer

The USA Rx pharmacy discount card is a prescription discount card. We negotiate better prices on drugs and pass the savings on to you. We have 60,000 pharmacies across the US signed up to honor our card. It really is that simple. All we ask for in the sign-up is your name and email address. We do not collect your address or any personal information. We do not require any medical information, and we have no need for any credit card information either. It is similar to signing up for discount codes or coupons, except it is easier, because you do it once, and get a discount every time you go to the pharmacy, without having to take a code or coupon.

How Can We Help You?

If you have an insurance plan with a high deductible or a plan with a high co-pay on prescriptions, you can save money with an USA Rx pharmacy discount card. You can also save money on prescriptions that for whatever reason are not covered by your insurance. As drug prices continue to rise, the advantages of getting discounts are more important than ever. Once you are signed up and have printed out your card, you simply take it to your local pharmacy. As long as the pharmacy is in our network, the pharmacist will enter your card number in the system, and then you will get your discount every time you shop in that pharmacy.

There Is No Downside

The USA Rx pharmacy discount card is not insurance and does not interfere in any way with your regular medical insurance. It is completely free and without any obligation for you. You choose when to use it. It simply offers you a discount that you can use whenever it is to your advantage. You have nothing to lose, and great discounts to gain, so take a minute today and sign up for your USA Rx pharmacy discount card.

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