Understanding The Concerns Of The Uninsured

Published May 7th, 2014 by USA Rx
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Chris Riley

Understanding The Concerns Of The Uninsured PopulationWhy are people still remaining uninsured? It’s an important question, especially with the enacting of the Affordable Care Act. The decision to remain uninsured has not been lightly made. Even with the institution of the ACA, around 13% of Americans (according to Gallup) have listed some of the following reasons for not getting coverage:

1. Cost

One might think being uninsured would be a scary prospect, however the potential for incurring high medical bills stops people from pursuing insurance in the first place. A portion of the uninsured 13% budgets so tightly that they feel there is literally no room for health care. Many say that it becomes a choice between securing basic needs or healthcare and that, when given the choice, would rather invest in healthy food than cut their budgets for health care costs when preventative measures—eating healthy—are already being taken. It’s essentially a matter of high cost versus health concerns and in this case, high cost fears undermine the health concerns.

2. Choice

According to the latest Kaiser Health Tracking Poll, about 9% of the uninsured aged 18 - 64 don't want/need coverage. Some feel its their option whether or not to get it, while others didn't feel they needed it at the moment due to their good health. These are part of the "young invincibles," a key demographic required to sign up for Obamacare in order to narrow the risk pool and bring future premiums down. 

3. Job related reasons: 

Among the uninsured aged 18 - 64, about 22% currently do not have health insurance due to job related reasons like being laid off in December, having employer-provided insurance that isn't worth the cost, and working part-time so they can't afford it. 

One has to wonder that, if this 13% were informed about the benefits of USA Rx, would they be as skittish about healthcare? These are the people that may or may not be seeking out discounts on prescription drugs. USA Rx could truly help these marginalized 13%.

We are firm believers in the fact that the USA Rx discount card can help those who remain uninsured as well as those who are insured, as savings with our card can sometimes be less than your co-pay. Our savings on discounted prescriptions would eliminate a lot of the fears and skepticism the population has about seeking out health services. It would propel them to seek health help for themselves in other areas as well. A lot of changes are being instituted, but with USA Rx, there are a few things that are guaranteed—discounted prescriptions, and the assistance that you need delivered to you seamlessly. 

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