Too Good To Be True?

Published March 10th, 2015 by USA Rx
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Chris Riley

Too Good To Be True?Everyone is always excited about finding a good deal, although when it comes to health concerns, finding a good deal can also mean having the ability to work at improving quality of life. This can be especially true when it comes to prescription costs, regardless of whether it concerns a limited refill item or an ongoing drug regimen. Consumers have learned that different pharmacies may have a discount program, or that others will use a generic to lower the cost, but this can sometimes be insufficient to make it truly affordable.

While insurance co-pays can also be high on certain medications, some individuals may not have prescriptions included in coverage or even have any insurance at all. Regardless of the circumstances, making medications affordable can be a concern for many patients.


Free Discounts

At USA Rx, we feel that access to medication is an integral part of the healing process. The fact that many Americans will forgo a full drug regimen due to cost is a deeply saddening realization, and it also sparks a motivation to ensure that expense does not become an obstacle to wellness. Our USA Rx pharmacy discount card can give patients the ability to save on needed medications, and make sure that recovery can be a cohesive process.

The immediate reaction for many people is that there has to be a catch, or there has to be some restriction that applies. The USA Rx card is accepted at over 60,000 pharmacies and is not a supplementary insurance program that carries a deductible. Instead, it ties in to a network of price negotiations that result in the highest discount for that card holder.


The Pharmaceutical Industry

While most people are familiar with generic and brand name drugs, they are not as aware of how involved the process of manufacture and distribution is for medications. Pricing becomes a series of negotiations, from the manufacturer or the developer down through a hierarchy of distribution handlers who may further deal with suppliers who service the pharmacies.

At USA Rx, we essentially act as mediators, to broker the greatest discounts for our card holders. We work with suppliers and pharmacies to establish lowered medication prices, so that when a card holder comes in, these savings are already in place. Instead of having the patient try and price shop, USA Rx handles that part of the effort. The result is a convenient way to get necessary medication at a considerable discount.

Since the USA Rx pharmacy discount card is accepted across the nation, any patient who is interested on markedly cutting medication costs should apply. The process is simple and free, and even allows the applicant to use a print out card before the actual card arrives.

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