There’s A New Class Of Diabetes Drug

Published August 9th, 2016 by USA Rx
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Chris Riley

There’s A New Class Of Diabetes DrugWith type II diabetes, the trouble isn’t that the body no longer produces insulin, the trouble is that the insulin it produces is no longer enough. The body can grow tolerant if the pancreas produces too much insulin over time, which means it’s no longer as effective at lowering high blood sugar levels. This high blood sugar is what leads to most of the complications associated with diabetes: eye damage, foot damage, kidney disease, and so on.

There are already several drugs out there which fight diabetes through a few different methods: they stimulate the pancreas to produce extra insulin, they improve the body’s ability to process blood sugar, and they prevent the body from producing extra blood sugar in the first place. However, these drugs don’t always work on everyone, and they can come with problematic side effects that can make it hard for patients to stick with the medication.

Fortunately, a new class of diabetes drug has recently hit pharmacy shelves, with no fewer than three examples: Invokana, Farxiga, and Jardiance. These drugs work by approaching the problem from a new angle: they encourage the kidneys to process glucose out of the bloodstream. Your kidneys already play a role in filtering excess blood sugar (it’s a big part of the reason why diabetes causes kidney damage), but the new drug class causes them to take a more active role.

Of course, this new method also means patients have to fulfill a new set of requirements if they want to make use of it. In the first place, they need to have a pair of healthy kidneys, and it’s also best if they still have some weight they need to use (since weight loss is one of most important factors in improving the symptoms of type II diabetes). It’s also important for patients to stay hydrated, since the kidneys work by filtering glucose into your urine.

Side effects may include urinary and gynecological infections, and you shouldn’t expect to get a prescription unless the traditional diabetes medications aren’t working for you.

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