The University Of California Wants To Speed Up Drug Research

Published July 11th, 2017 by USA Rx
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The University Of California Wants To Speed Up Drug ResearchThomas Edison and the company he ran famously made thousands of attempts to create a decent light bulb. The basic idea of running enough electricity through a wire to make it glow had been around for years, but Edison needed a design that was cheap, could run on a basic electric grid, would glow bright enough to let you see, and wouldn’t burn out for at least a few hundred hours.

The process behind creating new drugs is very similar. Researchers often go through hundreds or thousands of compounds to find one that shows promising results, and even after that only one in ten drugs make it all the way through the years of tests and studies to get FDA approved. Millions or even billions of dollars can go straight down the drain if the FDA decides at the 11th hour that the side effects of a compound outweigh its benefits.

That’s why many people are working to streamline the steps between chemical research and medical studies. A lot of the early stages of medical research take place at universities and colleges like the University of California. UCLA leads the nation in terms of the number of startup companies with roots in on-campus research, and that includes its medical research. These startups usually bring drugs through the testing phase.

The University of California has recently launched the Drug Discovery Consortium to make the transition between public research and private investment easier. What it does is pool the research, information, and resources of UC’s five medical campuses so that all the researchers working for and learning at the University of California can collaborate and pick experiments that don’t overlap. It’s actually very common for different research groups to end up discovering the same things, and that can be a waste of resources.

By cooperating and coordinating the research at the different UC campuses, the university can develop more drug compounds to put through early tests and thus bring more drugs to the late testing phase. And if they ever get FDA-approved and show up in pharmacies nationwide, you can count on the USA Rx pharmacy discount card to get you a discount of up to 75 percent off the list price of this new drug.

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