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The Top 5 Ways To Reduce Your Prescription Drug Costs

There is no question that Obamacare has helped bring health insurance down to a more affordable level for millions of people. But while a lot of attention gets focused on the rising costs of health care and on how it can save you money, the cost of prescription drugs is often overlooked. They shouldn't be, since the cost of prescription drugs is steadily rising. In fact, some medications like a new treatment for hepatitis C now cost as much as $1,000 per pill.

Instead of having to decide on which bills you can skip paying to get your medications, you should think about the different ways to reduce prescription drug costs. There are a few options worth thinking about, and here at USA RX we want everyone to be aware of them. Nobody should struggle to buy the medicine they need. Here's a look at the top methods of reducing drug costs.


  • Talk to your Doctor – Start by talking to your doctor. In many cases there may be several medications that could be used to treat a problem, and some could be less expensive than others. As a result, just telling your doctor that you're struggling with financial costs could help convince them to switch you to a different, similar drug.
  • Switch to Generics – Many pharmacies will automatically provide you with the generic version of the drug you're prescribed, but not all of them will. Be sure to find out if you can get a generic version. Not all medications are available generically, but it's worth asking about and could save you a tremendous amount of money.
  • Compare Insurance Policies – If your insurance policy doesn't cover prescription medications, check into different policies. Obamacare has made insurance much more affordable, so look into things like co-pays or lower deductible limits for prescription drugs.
  • Shop Around – A lot of people don't realize it, but in some cases different pharmacies have different prices for the exact same medication. As a result, you should consider shopping around to see which pharmacy can save you the most money.
  • Use a Discount Pharmacy Card – Adding a discount pharmacy card to your wallet is also a good idea, and one that is totally free. It's not insurance, and can be used as a supplement to an insurance policy. You just hand the card to a pharmacist and see if your medication can be discounted. In many cases, it can be.

These five things could help save you a considerable amount of money on your medications, so don't hesitate to try one or all of them. To get a great discount drug card, fill out our easy to complete form and you'll receive the USA RX discount pharmacy card. It could save you big.

Published September 4th, 2014 by USA Rx
Fact Checked by Chris Riley

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