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The Perils Of Patient Data Leaks

The Perils Of Patient Data LeaksIf someone steals your credit or debit card, or else your card’s number, it’s honestly not that big a deal. With just a single phone call, your old card can be frozen and a new one will be sent your way in no time flat. In fact, depending on the circumstances, you may not have to pay a single cent to replace your card. In addition, there is software in place to constantly watch for suspicious transactions, and if a warning flag gets tripped someone will contact you about it within a matter of hours.

However, your medical data is not so well protected, at least right now. Identity theft is no picnic, no matter how your personal information is used, but at least for financial identity theft there are safeguards and recovery systems in place which can protect you against paying for products you never bought and can lead you back to a decent credit score. But with medical identity theft, your options are much more limited.

There is definitely money to be made by stealing medical information. Whether you’re on Medicare, Medicaid, or private insurance, a criminal with access to your account information can set up a fake clinic or hospital and then send your provider medical bills in your name to claim compensation for procedures you never undertook. Even if you never see the fake bills yourself, you’ll likely lose a lot of the important resources your insurance otherwise would have provided. You might even see a rate hike.

The means of obtaining your personal information can vary. Oftentimes a crooked doctor or nurse will make illegal copies of your information at the clinic you visit, but sometimes con artists will go after patients directly by setting up phony insurance supplements which claim to need your full information before they can provide any coverage.

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