The Insurance Conundrum

Published March 19th, 2015 by USA Rx
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Chris Riley

The Insurance ConundrumAs the Affordable Care Act is slowly increasing its reach and enforcement, many Americans are faced with a number of questions as to what this means for healthcare on an individual level. Since all change can be an ongoing process, this can also make it hard for people to determine best choices as dictated by the new laws. For most Americans, the simple answer is that health insurance is an industry expectation.

One of the difficulties that is most pronounced during this transition period is that while citizens are required to have health insurance in order to avoid a tax penalty, the insurance that is available is not automatically all inclusive. This means that even as individuals may be receiving provisions through their employer, different tiers can also mean a variety of premiums and deductibles.

While there are also challenges that are being overcome in regards to insurance acceptance now that coverage is required, the most consistent point of difficulty is still related to medication assistance. Some insurance plans will require a larger premium for prescriptions, but even this may not cover all of the costs. Other plans may offer no drug coverage whatsoever, and this can necessitate the use of secondary insurance for this eventuality.


Cost At Any Cost

At USARx, we are well aware of the difficulties that people can face in filling prescriptions, especially on a regular basis. The truth is that most insured Americans will still avoid the cost of medications, as co-pays and deductibles can also be prohibitive, even with insurance. The question then is, how does the benefit of national health insurance truly help the people who are in need?

The far reaching answer may still be some years away, but that does not mean that current tribulations should be ignored. Medication assistance has become an accepted industry practice for ensuring that patients can afford prescriptions. Some of the initial moves in this direction were actually motivated by pharmaceutical companies, and this has led to a practice of negotiations between suppliers, distributors, and pharmacy benefits managers. The results are affordable market prices for medications, and the use of pharmacy discount cards in order to tap into the network of savings.

Perhaps the most beneficial aspect of the USARx pharmacy discount card is the fact that it is a mediation for this time of transition. Patients can use the USARx pharmacy discount card to reduce co-pays with exiting insurance, which can make meeting the initial deductible far more affordable. Patients without health insurance can also take advantage of the savings card at any pharmacy that they patronize. This greatly helps to create some clarity in the chaos of current healthcare, by presenting a valid and legitimate means for affording medication.

Signing up for the USARx pharmacy discount card can be accomplished online through our website and the savings card is free to obtain, since it is not an insurance policy. Getting started today could provide the ideal solution for people with or without health insurance, who are presently still struggling to keep up with medication costs.

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