The High Costs Of Prescription Nonadherence

Published May 16th, 2017 by USA Rx
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Chris Riley

With the the costs of prescription drugs in the United States nearly doubling in the last decade, many people who cannot afford the increasing prices are instead opting out of their treatments. Though this can save individuals money at the time, especially the un- and underinsured, prescription nonadherence has very high long term costs for both society and the patient. So instead of forgoing prescriptions it is highly recommended that you consider other options to make prescriptions more affordable like using a pharmacy discount card.

Prescription Nonadherence Statistics In The United States

Researchers have found that between 20 to 30% of people do not fill their required prescriptions. 50% of these are necessary medications for chronic diseases. Even when initial prescriptions are filled, typically half of people do not refill the prescriptions when required. The primary reason for prescription nonadherence is the high cost of pharmaceuticals.

Consequences Of Prescription Nonadherence

The biggest consequence of prescription nonadherence is escalation of the illness. Every year lack of prescription nonadherence causes 125,000 deaths in the United States. Also, 10% of all hospitalizations are a result of prescription nonadherence. Furthermore, prescription nonadherence costs society between $100 and $289 billion dollars annually. This represents 3-10% of total healthcare costs. The cost per individual is also very high and can range from hundreds of dollars to tens of thousands depending on the type of illness and severity of condition.

How To Combat Prescription Nonadherence

The biggest factor driving prescription nonadherence is the rising costs of prescription drugs. These costs can be addressed in a number of ways, especially for people who are underinsured and uninsured. One recommended method is rather than forgoing the prescriptions entirely, people look for cost-savings options like pharmacy discount cards. Pharmacy discount cards on average save people 15-20% on prescriptions and in some cases up to 80%.

There are a lot of pharmacy discount cards on the market. A great one to consider to avoid prescription nonadherence is the USA Rx pharmacy discount card. The USA Rx pharmacy discount card card is offered for free, covers all FDA approved drugs, and works in 50 states at over 60,000 pharmacies. So cardholders can afford the drugs the need and avoid the long term costs of nonadherence.

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