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The High Cost Of Staying Healthy Reason

The High Cost Of Staying HealthyYour health and well-being are incredibly important to you. If you're not healthy, it's difficult to go through any of your daily activities and your health will have a direct impact on everything in your life. That's why it's so important to keep yourself in good physical and mental condition. Unfortunately, in America that can be an expensive proposition.

The reason is simple – prescription drug costs are higher here than practically anywhere else in the world. Consider these figures:


  • The pharmaceutical industry continues to be the most profitable industry in the nation
  • The industry posts a net return of 17% on revenue each year on average
  • Prescription drug costs make up almost 13% of all health care costs in the country
  • The prices paid by Americans for prescription drugs is higher than those paid by people in any other developed country on the planet.
  • Despite changes in insurance laws, drugs costs continue to increase each year
  • The cost of prescription drugs increases more each year than national inflation


In other words, drug costs are expensive, and there's not much that has changed that. Because of the high costs, plenty of Americans try to take various steps to save money. Some of these are simple and include things like switching to lower cost alternatives or generic drugs, but others could be dangerous like skipping a dose to 'stretch out' a prescription.

Some drugs are far worse than others – the new drug for Hepatitis C works miracles on the disease but costs $1,000 per pill, with the total cost of treatment reaching roughly $84,000 just for the drugs.

Why the high costs? The primary reason stated by most drug companies is development and testing. While the actual manufacturing of the drug is usually low, the development needed to create and test the drug can reach high levels – recent studies show that one clinical trial can cost as much as $100 million, and the total cost of bringing certain drugs to market has exceeded $1 billion in some cases.

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Published September 30th, 2014 by USA Rx
Fact Checked by Chris Riley

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