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The High Cost Of Curing

The High Cost Of CuringAdvances in healthcare technology can be seen with many basic procedures that have become less traumatic and invasive, and require less recuperation time for patients. Even in diagnostic technologies, doctors are able to pin point illness more quickly and with greater accuracy, which also benefits overall quality of living. Part of the success of many of these advances also comes from the pharmaceutical industry.

Along with actual medications for patients, the pharmaceutical industry supplies healthcare providers with lab supplies for testing, contrast dyes for imaging, and newer treatment protocols. As patients move to out-facility treatment, pharmaceuticals also play a large part in improving the quality of life.


The Importance Of Proprietary Information

Pharmaceuticals are a driving force for the healthcare industry, and this synergistic relationship has also led to considerable research for the development of better therapies and cures for a number of diseases. Most notably, the recent development of an oral Hep C pill has given many patients the hope that a cure for the disease is available in a more effective and less reactive form. The only problem is that the treatment course is prohibitively expensive, even with an insurance plan.

Much of the cost issue for this type of pharmaceutical is that the developer is also the only holder of patent rights. This means that they can set the price as they see fit, since there is no competition on the market. However, when costs are set too high, it can also be of detriment to the manufacturer, since it can also mean that many patients will simply opt for the traditional interventions due to expenses.

What should be noted is that while the manufacturer sets the price for the drug, market demands and outcry can alter this price. As a result, a number of cost negotiations occur between the time that a drug passes trials and is approved for sale and when it is actually distributed through a pharmacy.


Commerce In Any Industry

At USA Rx, our pharmacy discount card can give patients the advantage of all these price negotiations that occur over the journey of a medication. Our network of associates agrees upon a discounted price that will be locked in for cardholders, and allow them to take advantage of the savings at over 60,000 pharmacies across the nation. At USA Rx, patients can simply apply online, and receive their free discount card. While this certainly helps to make prescriptions available to anyone, it also sets a precedent for the need for affordable medication.

Published March 3rd, 2015 by USA Rx
Fact Checked by Chris Riley

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