The Healthcare Industry – Issues And Trends In Healthcare Career Fields

Published October 16th, 2014 by USA Rx
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Chris Riley

The Healthcare Industry – Issues And Trends In Healthcare Career FieldsJust as we have seen in so many other career fields recently, we are witnessing a significant number of changes in healthcare industry professions. Today’s healthcare professional will have to adjust to these changes by perfecting their abilities and sharpening their skills in order to deal with a variety of uncertainties. Changes in the ages, ethnic make-up, and incomes (demographics) of individuals seeking medical care will be an important factor as well as areas of specialization, changes in primary care, and funding sources.

We are currently seeing three areas as the most important issues to be aware of including:

Aging – our population is aging rapidly. This is primarily evidenced in the “Baby Boomer” generation or individuals born between 1946 and 1960. This prolific generation is now reaching retirement age and is very concerned about the status of healthcare and the costs involved with care and medications. We will need to see more incentive programs in the underfunded and understaffed specialty area of geriatrics.

Demographics – in addition to economic factors, this concerns the ever-changing and evolving ethnic and racial foundation here in the US. Central issues currently facing the healthcare industry include increases in the number of children living in poverty, radically different healthcare approaches, and single-parent families. The healthcare industry is already overburdened and these demographic issues are sure to place additional pressures on family practitioners and primary care physicians.

Preventative healthcare – this area is emerging as its own field of specialization. The contributions made in this area will be extremely important where cost control and the encouragement of healthier habits is concerned. Being conscious of better dietary and nutritional as well as heathier habits overall is always a concern during challenging economic times like what we have been experiencing during the past several years. Therefore, the primary pillars of preventative healthcare in these economic times are diet and fitness.

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