The Effort To Put Patients At The Center Of Patient Care

Published December 27th, 2016 by USA Rx
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Chris Riley

The Effort To Put Patients At The Center Of Patient CareTaking care of a chronic condition is a job. It’s not just a job for the physicians who diagnose and prescribe treatments for the disease, it’s also a job for the patients who have to follow through on these treatments, buy and take medications, go through the recommended exercises, and stick with the recommended diet.

A patient’s responsibilities don’t end there, either. Electronic health records systems are still in their infancy and not very good at sharing information, which means that it’s often up to patients to ferry their own health care information between all the different clinics and offices they need to meet with. However, despite how involved patients are in their own care, their contributions are rarely acknowledged or rewarded in any way.

Fortunately, improvements in technology are giving health care providers a way to track how well patients stick with their treatments even as they help different institutions share and store their health records. Health care in general is also switching from a system that pays for each visit, test, and procedure to one that pays out for positive results. This encourages hospitals and clinics to keep patients healthy and happy as best as possible while also using as few resources as possible, potentially keeping costs down and rewarding accuracy instead of wheeling patients to every machine in the building.

Still, creating a patient-centric health care system may be years away, assuming it’s a goal we can ever truly reach. But there is one thing you can do to help yourself as a patient right now: you can sign up for a USA Rx pharmacy discount card. Our card entitles program members to discounts of up to 75 percent on prescription medication, including both name brands and generics, and every major pharmacy chain in the United States accepts it.

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