The Current Healthcare Industry Landscape And The Future Of Obamacare

Published November 13th, 2014 by USA Rx
Fact Checked by
Chris Riley

Since its launch in the fall of 2013, the Affordable Care Act (or Obamacare) has been the source of considerable debate and dissension.  At some point, pending future repeals and renovations of this legislation should end the controversy.  However, there is considerable speculation as to how the current healthcare industry landscape will be altered and what the future of Obamacare will hold for all of us.


Recent content that has been published online by various research firms has been trying to shed some light on this topic before the dust in the US Congress finally settles.  Not only are there numerous questions regarding the landscape of the industry and the future of the ACA, business and individuals alike are wondering what the long-term impact of Obamacare will have on their wallets.  It goes without saying that Obamacare is reshaping the healthcare industry and medical costs in dramatic fashion.  But are we looking at another Trojan Horse?


The immediate impact of the ACA mandates and regulations revealed that many healthcare premiums increased substantially while prescription medication pricing continued to escalate exponentially.  Given the fact that the long-term consequences of Obamacare are still a topic of considerable controversy and debate, here are some of the predictions for the future:


•    By 2017, the Congressional Budget Office predicts that over $2 trillion will be spent on Obamacare-based healthcare and yet over 30 million Americans will still not have health insurance coverage.


•    Healthcare and prescription medication prices will continue to rise while increasing numbers of Americans (especially seniors) will not be able to afford the care and drugs they need.


•    Obamacare will devolve – not evolve – into a Medicaid-like, heavily subsidized entity of low-income individuals suffering with poor and failing health.


Overall, the ACA/Obamacare will force individuals to live a healthier lifestyle.  Initially, this will not be construed as negative.  But you are going to have to live healthier if you cannot afford to pay for medical attention should you succumb to a serious illness.


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